13 South Australian Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

13 South Australian Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

At a loss for Halloween dress-up inspo this year? Fritz has you covered with these classic South Australian themed Halloween costume ideas.

1. Don Dunstan

Don Dunstan

Halloween is your excuse to dress as the type of individual you can only dream of being in real life. So go big. Go ballsy (see below). Go pink. Go Don – Dunstan that is – the grandpapa of Adelaide’s arts scene, flagrant campaigner and all-round legend. Dress as the Don for a night you won’t forget. Our 35th Premier of South Australia reformed the conservative beating heart of our state, all while donning a pair of flamingo pink short-shorts. Play the provocateur for an evening and honour one of our greatest South Australians.

You will need: Short-shorts of the brightest pink, plain T-shirt, loafers, knee-high socks and a super-charged charisma that flys in the face of haters.

2. Malls Balls

Malls Balls

While all the other girls are trying to be the belle of the ball, why not be the balls of the party? Because nothing says ‘I’m here to rock’ quite like two silver orbs dangling from your limbs. Be warned, goths tend to gravitate to the Malls Balls like birds to scrap metal – so prepare yourself for a night shrouded in the ironic sighs of a bunch of uncommunicative, kohl heavy, pale skinned companions.

You will need: Four car sun shades and the kind of gumption that it takes to be the shiny balls of a capital city.

3. Smiley Fritz

Smiley Fritz

One sure fire way to be the most popular guest at your Halloween party is to dress as the benevolent, smiling king of the deli section – Smiley Fritz. Who doesn’t want to party with that guy? He’s a little goofy, always up for a sandwich between friends and is a quintessential part of every Adelaidians early life.

You will need: Flesh coloured clothing, many slices of Smiley Fritz and the kind of brazen artistic showboating that it takes to wear raw meat in public. Double points for violent sauce splatters.

4. Sia


The plus side to donning Sia’s signature wig to your October 31st shindig? It makes avoiding certain people at the party a cinch.  The downside? You won’t really know what is going on most of the time. However, you will have free license to break into interpretive dance if one of Sia’s many bangers makes it onto the playlist. Swings and roundabouts.

You will need: A blonde wig worn backward, black hairspray, an oversized bow – and an enigmatic air of mystery about you (and potential party guide to lead you from place to place).

5. Johnny Haysman

Johnny Haysman

Got the self-confidence and panache to pull off a skimpy leotard with gumboots, while entertaining the masses with your pure fire dance moves? Then the Johnny Haysman is your go-to costume glory. While you can never hope to emulate his unrivalled showmanship, you can channel some of the joy and enchantment this seasoned performer regularly bestows upon Adelaide’s streets.

You will need: A mankini, gumboots, hardhat and an unmitigated sense of joy to outweigh the crippling fear of exposing so much flesh in public.

6. Peter Van The Party Man

Peter Van The Party Man

Are you the self-appointed ‘party man’ of your friendship group? Then Peter Van is a man after your own heart. Don a fetching red and yellow suit and get ready to bring joy and competitively priced party favours to the masses. Extra points if you can cajole your best friend or significant other into dressing as one of Peter’s signature balloon displays.

You will need: A red suit & bow tie, yellow shirt & shoes, clown hat, white gloves and the kind of cut-throat business acumen we assume it takes to be top of the party game for 44 years.

7. Westpac Building

Westpac Building

People love to hang shit on the Westpac building. Sure it has come to symbolise the crushing debt the collapse of the State Bank left South Australia with, but pay those haters no mind. The Westpac building is still our tallest ‘skyscraper’. Plus, with a modest 31 stories, it makes for a quick craft project before your Halloween festivities kick off.

You will need: Cardboard, paper and a heightened sense of your place in the world.

8. Peter Combe

Peter Combe

As Adelaide’s other premiere entertainer named Peter, your primary goal will be to lead the party in as many drunken renditions of classics like ‘Newspaper Mama’, ‘Toffee Apple’ and ‘Wash Your Face In Orange Juice’ as humanly possible. In fact, commandeer the playlist early and make this your time to shine. You deserve it.

You will need: A newspaper (fashioned into a hat), a bright T-shirt, decorative toffee apple and the kind of catatonic cheerful disposition made famous by the hosts of Playschool.

9. Julia Gillard (sans shoe)

Julia Gillard

Consider yourself a bit of a power player? Then crack out a red wig and start learning to walk on one heeled foot because Julia Gillard is your go-to Halloween costume. Who can forget the modern day Cinderella story of our former PM shedding her sensible blue suede shoe outside Canberra’s Lobby restaurant, as she was whisked away by a dashing security guard? It’s the stuff of twisted fairy tales.

You will need: An 80s power suit, red wig, one conservatively-heeled shoe and the panicked air of a head of state set upon by protestors.

10. Torrens River (after it drained)

Torrens River

During the early years of settlement, the Torrens acted as both Adelaide’s primary water source and main sewer. TBH not much has changed. Make your costume interactive by bringing along a stapler, and encouraging guests to creatively dump their debris onto your willing shores.

You will need: Some poo brown duds, miscellaneous rubbish (extra points for SA owned wrappers) and a general air of neglect and decay.

11. Wayne Wiedemann

Wayne Wiedemann

Go on, admit it. Dressing up as “The Weed” has been on your bucket list ever since the Crows debuted in 1991. You may not be the best player on the ground but what you lack in skill, you make up with gusto and a pretty sweet mullet. Every time you hold a frothy anywhere near your face, the party will inevitably start chanting “weeeeeeeeeeeeeeed” causing you to skull your drink. And just like the great man played, you’ll go hard or go home.

You will need: Golden mullet, Adelaide Crows guernsey and the liver and genetic make-up of a Viking transplanted to Australian shores.

12. Wolf Creek – Mick Taylor

Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek’s Mick Taylor character (made famous by actor John Jarratt) is in the vein of traditional Halloween costumes; a demented, usually blood-soaked torturer with props a-plenty. We can claim this as an SA inspired choice thanks to the film and TV series being shot on location in South Australia.

For those of us that remember John Jarratt from the Australian lifestyle show, Better Homes and Gardens, the transition of his affable carpenter caricature to the truly vile Mick Taylor was essentially a form of memory slaughter. Practice your ocker Aussie accent and distinctive laugh and prepare to have people edging away from you all night long.

You will need: Demented laugh, faux rifle, flannel, battered Akubra and a general vibe of the unhinged.

13. Anne Wills

Anne Wills

Naturally short? We’ve got the ultimate inspiration for you – go the full Anne ‘Willsy’ Wills – South Australia’s true state icon (move over Piping Shrike) and purveyor of the finest ear gear going. Dressing as Willsy basically gives you a free pass for an ever so slightly acidic tongue – just finish it off with a loud “darling!” and everyone will be charmed. Channel her weather girl era chic, tits and all.

You will need: A bucket-load of chutzpah, massive dangly bits, a slash of turquoise eyeliner and bouffant wig. Bikini T-shirt non negotiable.

Words: Mahalia Tanner, Kirstie Forbes and Jackson Polley
Images: Jackson Polley

Have you got a South Australian inspired Halloween costume planned? Let us know about it in the comments, below.

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