Adelaide Comedy For A Cause, Getting Personal With Mickey D

Next Thursday night, 11th October at 7pm, the Mental Health Coalition of SA and Rhino Room are teaming up to present Laughter is the Best of Meds. The comedy night is part of Mental Health Week, with all proceeds going towards the MHCSA.

Adelaide comedian Mickey D (Mick Dwyer) will be the MC, joined by fellow comedians James McCann, Lori Bell, Eddie Bannon and emerging comedian Miss Communication.

An internationally recognised comedian, Mickey has performed everywhere from the Adelaide Fringe to the Edinburgh Festival and on several major cruise lines. Mickey’s comedic range has grown drastically since 2014 when he added kids comedy to his repertoire.

Mickey D

As an adolescent, Mickey moved schools frequently, relying on his comedy as he went. “I used humour as a defence mechanism to fit in… I became known as the ‘funny guy’.” After finishing school at the age of 17, Mickey decided to pursue comedy as a career.

With his career on the rise, Mickey realised he wasn’t as happy as the front he was putting on behind the mic. He was diagnosed with depression and turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism. “Sometimes being depressed feels like being trapped in a moment from the past,” he says, in commenting on his experiences.

Since his struggle with depression and alcohol abuse, he’s become passionate about talking about his story in order to help others.

As with many performance industries, mental health has become an ever-prominent concern. One in five Australians struggle with mental health, a national and international reality that Mickey is very open about.

Today Mickey is proudly five years sober and has a positive attitude towards life. “Life can be pretty full on at times and having a laugh is a release,” he says. This is precisely what Mickey is hoping to achieve at the comedy night.

Mickey D

In addition to laughter, Mickey says staying active is a great way to stay mentally healthy, too. “I love being outdoors and walking. One of the reasons why I love Adelaide is how many walking trails we have and how accessible they are.”

He also says it’s important to enjoy the present moment. “Be present, don’t get caught up and enjoy each moment…acknowledge the highs and the lows.”

Thursday 11 October at 7pm, the Mental Health Coalition of SA and Rhino Room presents Laughter Is The Best Meds.

If you or any anyone you know is struggling with mental health, there are plenty of support options available, such as the below.

Beyond Blue 1300 224 636

Life Line 13 11 14

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