Adelaide Stars In New South Australian Based Film The Flip Side

The Flip Side

With iconic locations, the likes of the Barossa Valley, Hahndorf and Horseshoe Bay, new Aussie film The Flip Side has Adelaideans all loved up about our beautiful state. The film is entirely shot in South Australia, a creation of talented local director Marion Pilowsky that shines a light on our common ‘underdog’ stereotypes.

“I wanted to make films, and I just feel that you have to tell authentic stories,” Marion says.  “Adelaide is my home and I felt I could write something that had some authenticity and truth to it. I think it’s really important to locate a story. I don’t apologise for that. I’m unabashedly positive about where we’re from and it’s an ode to South Australia I suppose.”

The Flip Side

Eddie in the Barossa Valley with Langmeil Wines

After living in London for the past 20 years, Marion has returned with a passion to work with the local film industry and to showcase our great state. “We have some fantastic South Australian practitioners and filmmakers here now,” she says.

The film is a love triangle, a story between two couples with lives worlds apart. “I felt different culturally when I got back, so after a week of stuffing my face with Chiko rolls and burger rings and Farmers Union Iced coffee, I had the idea of a couple who’s stayed [in Adelaide], and then into their lives come this other couple who are European and a little bit cool, and [it’s about] what that kind of culture clash is like.”

You’ll see all our South Aussie favourites, from the Mall’s Balls and the pigs to our leafy suburban streets and expansive beaches throughout the film. “There was an incredible hotel in Elizabeth which I adored, also Port Elliot and Semaphore Beach, Hahndorf, the Barossa, Clarence Park, North Adelaide…We did 35 locations in 5 weeks…it was great.”

Eddie and Luke at Semaphore Beach 

The cast is a clever mix of local and international talent, the main love quadrangle featuring Emily Taheny, Luke McKenzie, Eddie Izzard (UK) and Vanessa Guide (FR). There’s also cameo’s from Hugh Sheridan and Tina Bursill.

Originally from South Australia, Emily was passionate about landing the role. “Marion saw me in a tv show [Hamish and Andy’s True Story] and so she auditioned me,” Emily says. “I thought ‘I really want this role because it’s a character I can really identify with’.”

She says filming it in her home state was a bonus. “Filming at Hamley Bridge was one of my favourites because I used to go through it when I was a kid, and my parents came to visit on set that day…and also Horseshoe Bay [I loved] because I used to swim there a lot as a kid.”

While he’s now based in LA, Aussie actor Luke McKenzie says he loves working in South Australia. “This film was the one where I got to see the most of South Australia which was great. I love this place. Before we leave [after the premiere], we’re going to re-trace some of the stuff we did in the film…we’re going to do a really quick loop including Ashton Hills vineyard, Hahndorf, through the top of McLaren Vale to KI, then come down and have lunch at Penny’s Hill (The Kitchen Door), stop off at Glenelg and then head to the airport.”

Eddie and Emily in the Adelaide Hills

The crew even introduced international comedian and much-loved actor Eddie Izzard to the wonders of SA. “Before we started filming, they sent us into the Adelaide Hills and put us up in Mount Lofty House and we just drank and ate and bonded before the film started,” Emily says.

“He’s a cult figure and a genius,” Luke says, “and he feels like Adelaide is a second home for him.”

With the premiere held last week at Palace Nova Eastend, the cast were happy to be back in Adelaide soaking up our icons once again. Their first port of call after the red carpet?

“We went to The Exeter,” Emily says with a smile. It doesn’t get much more Adelaide than that.

Watch the Flip Side at Palace Nova now. Tickets $20 (adults).

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