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Move over Kardashians, there are some new influencers on the gram – dog influencers. These Adelaide Dogs have been taking over our Instagram feeds, showing off their sweetest slobbery smiles and outings with their humans. While it seems every man and his dog (quite literally) has their own account these days, we’ve picked some of the favourites from the Fritz team – the pooches we love to follow. So many good boys (and girls).

Mooshie – @malamutemoosh


This guy is as almost as big as his 133k following. His owner Olivia Rogers (@oliviamollyrogers), former Miss Universe Australia, shows us just how big and fluffy he is with their adorable photos and witty captions.

Ned – @ned_the_cavoodle


With a strong following of 57.7k, this Cavoodle takes his Instagram page very seriously. He’s  constantly showing off his personality through his dynamic facial expressions and creative outfits. Ned’s hobbies include resting, walkies and posing for the camera.

Chops @chopsthesausage


City of Prospect Mayor, David O’Loughlin has us all drooling over his adorable dog Chops. This groovy Sausage dog loves dressing up and is never seen at a birthday celebration without a party hat. Chops enjoys exploring Adelaide’s cafés and shopping at Bunnings, especially for new garden plants.

Morty and Rick @morty_thepug

Morty and Rick

This power duo have built themselves a modelling career, with clients the likes of Aussie dog harness brand Porky Paws (@PorkyPaws) and even UberEats. Morty is a Pug and Rick is a French Bull Dog. We reckon’ the sky is the limit for these two posers. They’ve already been quoted as saying “we don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day”.

Anakin – @anakin_bernese


Beware of severe hair envy with this one – this large Bernese Mountain dog has the long, thick, luscious hair we all dream about. Anakin loves showing his 6.3k followers his playful adventurous side and keeping us updated with the new friends he has made along the way.

Archie – @archiechenoweth


Archie the English Cocker Spaniel may be slightly more mature than a lot of the puppy youngsters on Instagram, but that doesn’t stop him from getting up to mischief. Archie’s speciality is jumping all over owner Daniel Chenoweth’s bed and messing it up. What a good boy. Archie is also a proud fitness partner to Daniel, who is a firefighter. He keeps him fit by taking Daniel on lots of beach walks. What pupper dedication.

Rory – @sweetlifeof_rory


Rory is an 8 month old Cavoodle pup that has followers swooning over his puppy-dog-eyes (literally). Owners @JessieJPhilips and @MaxiPhilips6 are clearly smitten, capturing their sweet little guy on her daily adventures to the park, movie nights and even bath time.

Yuffie and Sora – @yay.yuffie

Yuffie and Sora

These two white fluff balls are one of the cutest puppy pals in town. Their hobbies include hanging out with friends, running around in the great outdoors and playing in the dirt at the park. Samoyeds have high energy levels and need exercise daily, which makes them the prefect pet for young families. It has also been recommended that paring them up with another dog can be a great way to keep them occupied throughout the day. We’re not complaining – it’s twice the cuteness.

Timi and Blaze – @lionheart_timi

Timi and Blaze

Timi and Blaze are Rough Collies live for adventure, exploring South Australia with their own four paws whenever they get the chance. Rough Collie’s can grow up to 61 centimetres tall and weigh close to 30 kilograms but are often big softies and are hugely affectionate. Head over to their page for some inspiration for your own weekend walkies.

Dogs of Brighton Jetty Bakery – @dogsofbjb

Brighton Jetty Bakery

We’re not the only ones obsessed with the dogs of Adelaide. The lovely folks at Brighton Jetty Bakery have even created their own account dedicated to the pooches that grace the pavement out front of this SA bakery favourite. Dogs of all shapes, sizes and colours abound on this page, treated to the bakery’s treats for our fluffy friends.

Do you have an adorable or cheeky dog photo that we simply must see? Please leave it in the comments below, we would absolutely love to see it. 

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