At Home With Sharon Romeo, Doyenne of Fino at Seppeltsfield

At Home With Sharon Romeo, Doyenne of Fino At Seppeltsfield
Photos: Andre Castellucci

When she’s not greeting customers at Fino at Seppeltsfield, Sharon Romeo puts comfort and loved ones first.

Sharon ‘Shaz’ Romeo has a thing for quirky socks. The happy head-turners match her personality. “I’m not really an accessories kind of gal,” she says. “Every pair has jeans, pants or shoes to match and it also depends on my mood.”

If you’ve dined at Fino you’ll know that Sharon’s best accessory is her smile.”

If you’ve dined at Fino you’ll know that Sharon’s best accessory is her smile. She is a master of warm welcomes and it doesn’t get better than the restaurant she runs with head chef David Swain at Seppeltsfield Wine Estate.

“I’m in my element when I’m working on the floor at Fino, it’s my stage.”

At work, Sharon dons a funky apron. During downtime at her Port Willunga home, it’s all about practicality: t-shirts, shirts, jeans, shorts, trainers, boots and blazers. She describes her style as tomboyish, with a tinge of femininity. “I don’t own any dresses, skirts, blouses or anything that remotely resembles a heel. I’ve always had short hair and never really worn make-up.”

While she doesn’t do heels, her collection of sneakers borders on obsession. “I love stripes, bright block colours, bright sneakers, also classic collared shirts and blazers.”

Splitting her time between the Fleurieu Peninsula and Barossa Valley means Sharon’s wardrobe is a moving beast. “It used to be very organised but it’s a bit awry now. Living in two places means my car has become somewhat of a wardrobe on wheels.”

“My parents have always been the most hospitable and generous people I know.”

Among the practical garb, a few special pieces have sentimental value. “My mother Rose’s 1977 full-length rabbit fur coat always makes an appearance at our Eurovision parties,” she says. Her late father Rocco’s vintage 1970’s Omega Geneve Automatic Stainless Quickset watch is also a keepsake.

Customers, friends, family, and furry feline Blix mean everything to Shaz. Her parents showed her how to make hospitality look easy.

“It’s engrained in my DNA. It is who I am and comes very naturally to me. My parents have always been the most hospitable and generous people I know. My Italian heritage also plays a role: sharing food, wine and stories around the table, celebrating the seasons with simple Italian food. My father was a huge influence for me. He instilled the importance of seasonal produce and resourcefulness.”

Downtime is hard to come by but when she gets the chance, it’s all about time, a meal, conversation, and good wine with loved ones (or laying on a Kangaroo Island or Port Willunga beach). “Hearing the waves from my backyard and being under the open sky is magical and very special to me.”

Have you experienced Shaz in full hospitality flow? Let us know in the comments, below.

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1 Comment

  1. Jill Cooke

    26/11/2017 at 9:12 am

    It’s been a LONG TIME, Sharon! WE MISS YOU xoxoxoThe Cookes

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