Business Pitch Opportunity For Adelaide Entrepreneurs

Pitch Opportunity For Local Entrepreneurs

So you’ve got the perfect business plan swimming around in your head, but no way to actualise it and set the wheels motion…the race against the clock begins.

Do you risk pushing it out of the nest before it can fly, or hold onto it hoping someone doesn’t shout your idea from the rooftops before you get the chance?

Inspired by TV sensation Shark Tank, Adelaide business Buz on Biz brings you Concept to Reality, the South Australian event offering the perfect solution to your collection of light-bulb moments that never have their chance to shine.

The event invites local innovators to pitch their diamond-in-the-rough business ideas to an accomplished panel of experts, global and local investors and mentors. Presentations are also in front of an audience full of savvy networkers and potential collaborators, too, giving you and your idea the best shot.

We spoke to Linda Elletson from Buz on Biz about the upcoming event and why it’s so important for South Aussies to band together in business.

How would you describe Concept to Reality?

Concept to Reality is based on Shark Tank, it’s a Shark Tank inspired event where people can pitch their business ideas, or get some advice on how to take their business to the next level. We then give them advice from our panel and then Buz on Biz will work with those people on their journey into business, so that it’s not so lonely or challenging.

What inspired Buz on Biz to create this sort of platform for south Australian innovators?

Having had my own business, and a number of businesses over the last 25+ years, I know that it’s very much a challenge to do it, and to do it on your own. To get the business right, you need support, market research and helpful tips along the way.

This is your second year running the event, what concepts have already become a reality for former participants?

Jordan Gruber, of Frontier Microscopy, was our first pitch and he won the 2018 young achiever award, and he also won the small business award within the young achiever category as well. His business checks for asbestos in under 90-seconds…he built the technology to do that, and he’s now branching off into other areas with the help of a mentor.

What scope of ideas can people pitch?

We don’t limit it, because we don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity. We might miss something if we say just one thing, so we don’t want to discourage anyone to apply.

Who can we expect to see on the panel?

So we have John Stuart from Wild Duck Services, Greg Eaton from Eaton & Co, Joanna Arhontis from The New Retail Revolution, and Graham Hartland from Top Gun Business Academy.

How can the audience get involved?

They can register…we’d like to have up to 100 people in the audience, and they’ll vote in a poll after each presentation. They’ll be invited to stay for lunch, as well as morning and afternoon tea, before two hours of networking afterwards.

Is networking and collaboration a huge part of this event as well?

A huge part. We like to connect people with other people, so we’ll be asking people to poll after each presentation whether they would like to collaborate, invest, or be associated with them. Networking is very key in Adelaide, so we’d like to make sure there’s enough people there to build some new connections.

What do Buz on Biz do when they aren’t running Concept to Reality?

We mainly do Concept to Reality because that gets people on their business journey. We have our Top Gun Business Academy Association where we talk to people one-on-one.

I don’t like to use the term ‘coaching’ or ‘mentor’, so we call ourselves the Unreasonable Friend (the UF). An unreasonable friend makes you accountable for the things you say you’re going to do, so if you say you’re going to get up and go for a jog at 6 o’clock in the morning, we’ll ring you at 6 o’clock in the morning and say ‘hey, you don’t sound like you’re out of breath, are you going to get up for that jog?’.

Then we walk them through the business and how they can try to achieve a higher success rate. We also have a rewards program where we support charities. We also do outdoor digital signage, where we can put signs on people’s property and pay them rent, and we also have a TV agency with Roku which puts people in front of $15Million US viewers.

What little perks can the audience anticipate?

We do have some prizes for our Top Gun Business Academy – there’s three packages. There’s also about $10,000 worth of prizes. We also want to invite businesses to become an associate with Buz on Biz – that way we can then refer our participants to their businesses. So, we’re referring them to people we know and trust, because we’ve all been burnt before. For these new people coming into business, we like to try to eliminate the possibility of dealing with anyone that’s untrustworthy.

What are your top tips for new business start-ups?

Speak to other people, use an unreasonable friend, or a coach or mentor and it’s very important to use them early. Do your research. Get your marketing right, first. Get your pricing right, and then you have a greater chance for success.


To find yourself a seat in the audience, or up on stage, mingling with South Australia’s up-and-coming and established innovators, find the event information below or call Linda on 0407 287 876.

Thursday 18 October, 8.30am to 7pm. Thebarton Community Centre, Corner of South Road & Ashwin Parade, Torrensville SA. Tickets here.

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