Cosi Says: There’s Heaps of Free Things To Do Around Adelaide

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Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello reckons your excuse for not taking a holiday is a complete cop out. There’s heaps of free things to do around Adelaide: here’s some of his favourites.

There are two reasons people say they don’t take a holiday and they are both complete cop outs. The first: “Yeah I’d love to take a holiday but I just don’t have the time.” Well here’s the thing. We are all dying here and if you don’t hurry up and make some time, before you know it you’ll be on your deathbed saying, “Geez I wish I’d dived with sharks or hiked the Flinders.” You just need to make the time. It doesn’t need to be much. A few hours or an overnight stay will do it.

The second excuse: “I can’t afford to go away.” Wrong! Oh my god, this is such a cop out. If you can’t plan an afternoon or overnight mini break without spending much cash, you need to think a lot bloody harder. There’s this thing called Google. I reckon Google is like sitting next to the smartest person on earth and they’re there 24/7. Search the web and find something to do that doesn’t cost anything. Heck, I’ll save you the trouble… here’s a few thought starters.

A colony of massive bats has been there for years. Thousands of them hang around like I used to hang around at Joplins.

Just over an hour from Adelaide’s CDB is a place called Mannum. Catch a ferry across the river where you’ll find campsites for five dollars a night (with toilets and the works). Right on the river. Fishing, walking, relaxing, and swimming – all thrown in for free!

Closer to home is the Botanic Garden, the River Torrens, South Australian Museum and the State Library. They’re all free. Spend one hour in each and your afternoon is sorted. Plus, your Apple Watch will tell you you’ve hit 10,000 steps for the day. Good for the heart and for the wallet. Why walk for free when you can ride for free? Yup, there’s a multitude of places around Adelaide where you can pick up a bike for nada and go for a ride. My favourite pick-up point (for the bikes, that is) is the Par 3 golf course in North Adelaide. Start there and ride along the Torrens to the Adelaide Zoo gate and look up. A colony of massive bats has been there for years. Thousands of them hang around like I used to hang around at Joplins. They are awesome and no-one knows about them.

Finally, head to the Adelaide Hills where you’ll find Longview Vineyard. I was there yesterday with the Mrs (minus the kids). It was so relaxing we almost got lost in the ‘kids aren’t here’ moment and she even said she loved me. That could have been the rosé talking but what I’m saying is, for the cost of a bottle of wine you can sit in a vineyard with its new cellar door and tasting room and look over million-dollar views.

In a nutshell, think outside the box. The only thing stopping you from enjoying your life more is yourself. Stop being too lazy to have the balls to block out some time for the most important thing in your life: relaxing! Get creative and find something to do, book it in… you’ll thank me later!

Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello is the host of travel show South Aussie With Cosi on Channel 9, Sunday nights at 5.30pm and chews the keyboard fat regularly, read his previous column on the joys of taking the kids out for dinner here.

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