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Fancy A Kangaroo Fritz and Sauce Sanga?

Fritz Something Wild
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You think you’ve tried it all then someone hands you a slice of kangaroo fritz. That’s what happens at Adelaide Central Market’s Something Wild. Stall 55 is packed with Indigenous food and open-range game meats.

There’s buffalo, venison, crocodile, camel, goat, wallaby, duck, emu, rabbit, pigeon and fritz made using Skippy. They make it at Something Wild’s wholesale facility (Newbury and Watson) in Mount Barker. It’s award-winning stuff. The roo fritz won a silver medal in the ‘bung fritz’ category at the Australian Meat Industry Council butchery awards in August.

“We’re all about relationships in this business. The minute we stop doing that we become complacent.”

“The meat is finely minced, chopped, then steamed,” smallgoods maker Jimmy Chirgwin says. “Kangaroo is quite lean so we have to add extra fat to give it the correct flavour and texture.” Newbury and Watson is the smallgoods brand of Richard Gunner Fine Meats and has been making the good stuff since 2013. Jimmy and the team produce about 10 kilograms of roo fritz each week. When it comes to fritz consumption, Jimmy likes it at room temperature. “Not cold. A fritz and sauce sandwich – as it should be.”

Fritz Something Wild Kangaroo

He suggests adding some Bush BBQ Sauce or quandong and chilli sauce for a fritz and sauce sanga with a twist.

Jimmy remains tight-lipped about secret spices but is open to requests for fritz made using other Aussie meat. Particularly camel.

Something Wild is part owned by Richard Gunner and former Port Adelaide and North Melbourne AFL player Daniel Motlop. The business works closely with remote Aboriginal communities when sourcing produce and stocks seasonal native greens, fruit, mushrooms, herbs, spices and condiments. Daniel travels to the top end twice a month to oversee the projects, including the harvest of Magpie Goose, a native black and white bird considered a pest in the Northern Territory. They are supplied to the likes of Restaurant Orana and Noma Australia. “Jock Zonfrillo does a great job with it,” Daniel says. “It’s hard to cook. I usually just put it on the coals but the things Jock and other chefs have done with it are amazing. They take it to another level.”

Every product has a story. “We’re all about relationships in this business. The minute we stop doing that we become complacent.”

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