Five Things Dave From Polish Club Has Learnt About Adelaide

Polish Club

Ahead of the South Australian leg of their ‘Christmas in December’ tour, the (partially Polish) Polish Club boys hit the mean streets of Adelaide. The Sydney-based duo play an all-ages gig at Adelaide UniBar later this month, and with influences as diverse as Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jeff Goldblum, cold meats and Mariah Carey you’re basically guaranteed a good time (according to them).

The rock-cum-garage-slash-soul inspired two-piece is the perfect live band for those with short attention spans – most of their songs hit under the three-minute mark. Short, sharp, punchy and energetic: these boys don’t faff about. Expect smashy-smashy and twangy-twangy sounds, plus support from the likes of local lads West Thebarton and DIET.

Frontman Dave Novak share his ‘heaps definitive’ list of the top five things the band learnt about Adelaide ahead of their 15 December gig:

1. Hindley Street at night is like a freaking renaissance painting. Blood, tears, tits. And some chippies probs.

2. Adelaide is home of Boost Juice. Drummer John-Henry Pajak swears they’re better here than elsewhere.

3. There is a special taste of beer, so terrible that I’ve mentally put it aside exclusively for beers you can only purchase for next to nothing at Aldi. However, I’ve expanded that roster to include West End, a beer which begs the question, “Wait, is this cheap piss just actual piss?”

4. The rooftop at Rocket Bar is a great place to get a selfie in front of Crazy Horse across the road, the bar where Nollsie got arrested.

5. Cold Chisel is from Adelaide? I genuinely had no idea. I guess that because Barnsey says “Sydney” so much in ‘Khe Sanh’, I subliminally thought they were from Sydney. I mean, he’s from Glasgow really, but still, go Adelaide! See also: The Angels, West Thebarton, Bad//Dreems, Wolf & Cub…

Cheers Dave. Catch Polish Club on Friday 15 December, supported by local act West Thebarton and Melbourne lads DIET. Adelaide UniBar, all ages. The University of Adelaide, Union House, University of Adelaide, Victoria Drive, Adelaide. Tickets: general admission $34.70. New EP ‘Okie Dokie’ out now.

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