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South Australian Pubs Help Aussie Farmers In Drought With #ParmaForAFarmer

Parma For A Farmer

We love our sunburnt country, but sometimes our great Southern land presents the toughest of times for our Aussie farmers. This year, we’re yet again in the thick of a drought, with farmers around the country affected, particularly Queensland and New South Wales.

With the sad news around the country of farmers saying goodbye to their livestock, or struggling for options, Aussies have put their thinking caps on to raise funds and support our farming community.

One particular fundraising effort that caught the attention of the nation is the Parma For A Farmer campaign (#parmaforafarma). It all began through a mere Facebook post, with Aussie mum Amanda Kinross putting a call out to Aussie pubs with the campaign as an idea. There are now hundreds of pubs signed up and over three thousand of members on the Facebook group.

Fritz looked into just four of the South Australian businesses doing their part to assist struggling farmers locally and interstate.

1. The HWY, Plympton


The Highway will be holding a Parma for a Farmer week from 12 to 19 August, with $5 from each Parmigiana sold going straight to Buy a Bale Foundation. The Buy a Bale foundation aids farmers by providing them with bales of hay to feed their drought-stricken livestock.

“We want our customers to know that everybody can make a difference,” marketing manager Christine McAuliffe says. “We’re hoping to make a difference and by supporting our local business you’ll support our farmers in need.”

290 Anzac Highway, Plympton.

2. Old Mundulla Hotel, Mundulla

The Old Mundulla Hotel will be donating $5 from every parmigiana sold during the week of 22 to 26 August to help farmers in the north.

“We are farmers as well, so when we heard what was happening through the donations of the parmy’s, we knew how we could support it,” owner Nick Williams says. “It was a no-brainer really. It’s just about giving back through the Australian way.

We know the same thing would happen in reverse if this was happening to us – it’s just the right thing to do.”

15 Kennedy St, Mundulla.

3. The Kentish Hotel, North Adelaide

The Kentish

The Kentish Hotel will be donating $1 from every parmigiana or schnitzel to Rural Aid and Drought Angels for the month of August. They will also be holding meat and wine raffles throughout the month and are taking any donations at the venue.

“I think the drought really affects us all,” venue manager Ayla Cables says. “If we don’t have farmers, we don’t have food and helping the farmers is something we all need to get on board with and do.”

23 Stanley St, North Adelaide.

4. The Haus, Hahndorf

Prancing Pony

The Haus is taking part in Prancing Pony Brewery’s Drought Relief Appeal by donating $5 from every pint of Indie Kid Pilsenersold to the cause.

Prancing Pony has donated 70 kegs of their Indie Kid Pilsener to venues around the state, with 100% of proceeds going straight to Drought Angels. The idea is based around their ‘no grain, no food, no beer’ slogan, drawing attention to the enormous impact the drought has.

The goal of the campaign is to raise $25,000 for the Drought Angels in a month. Don’t forget to hashtag #nograinnobeer #shoutyourfarmerabeer

“When we heard about the Prancing Pony Brewery’s Drought Relief Appeal we were really keen to get on board with the initiative,” marketing and social media coordinator Scott Palin says. “

We don’t really see how serious the issue is here in South Australia and we wanted to get on board and help out in anyway that we could.”

38A Main St, Hahndorf.


Mark Gronson, state chair for the Agricultural Bureau of South Australia, says the overall support through donations has been very positive for Australian Farmers.

“It’s great to have this involvement throughout the nation, in that it’s bringing both urban and rural areas together to provide aid assistance to businesses which are struggling in this time through drought,” he says. “In a small way, everyone can be involved in helping.

If you’d like to assist farmers in drought-stricken areas, attend your local participating hotel in the #parma4afarmer fundraising efforts, or donate to one of the below aid organisations.

Rural Aid’s Buy a Bale initiative, Drought Angels and Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief & Recovery: Drought.

Written by Amy Northcott and Lauren Dinning

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