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Fritz Gets Fizzy: A Guide To South Australian Soft Drinks

Fritz Gets Fizzy: A Guide to South Australian Soft Drinks

Nothing quenches your thirst on a hot day like bubbles, sugar and a heap of flavouring. We put some of South Australia’s best-known soft drinks to the test…

Woodroofe Lemonade

Fritz Gets Fizzy A Guide to South Australian Soft Drinks

The most popular flavour by the South Aussie brand, Woodies Lemonade will always be a household favourite. The bubbly, lemon flavoured drink is like a cup of pure joy that takes us back to our giddy childhood days where we ran around the backyard under the sprinklers, high on sugar. Add ice cubes and it makes for the perfect summer drink at any age. Add vodka and you’ve got a killer mixer. After more than 100 years, this beloved carbonated drink continues to be made on South Australian turf, and that’s just another reason we love it at Fritz.


Kirks Fruita

Fritz Gets Fizzy A Guide to South Australian Soft Drinks

Originally created by Halls, Fruita is now developed by Kirks and still tastes as sugary as ever. After downing a 1.25L bottle, we still can’t determine what fruit – if any – the drink actually tastes like. Is it passionfruit? Is it pineapple? Do we even care? If there is actually a fruit that tastes this good, we want to buy a box of it.


Woodroofe Sno-Top or Kirks Sno-Drop

Fritz Gets Fizzy A Guide to South Australian Soft Drinks

In the words of Fritzer Kirstie Forbes, “I could guzzle Sno-Top like a Hanson Road regular.” Whether you’re a fan of the Woodies brand or the Kirks counterpart, this fizzy drink is arguably one of South Australia’s best drinks. This writer is an original creaming soda hater who only drinks the red poison with vodka after too many Jäger bombs, so I’d argue that this vanilla flavoured soda is liquid gold, even if it looks a bit like dirty dish water.


Bickford’s Sarsaparilla

Fritz Gets Fizzy A Guide to South Australian Soft Drinks

If this doesn’t remind you of your gran (or for younger readers, your great-gran), we don’t know what will. The bitter taste of aniseed and liquorice is not an easily acquired taste, but if liquorice allsorts are your kinda treat, then this is for you. We’ll stick to the sweeter option of Bickford’s Lemon Lime & Bitters – now, that’s a drink we can get around.


FC Grubb Lemon Squash

Fritz Gets Fizzy A Guide to South Australian Soft Drinks

Ah, that refreshing hit of lemon with a twist brings back memories of Friday nights at the local footy club surrounded by big, sweaty, middle-aged men who’ve had a few too many bevvies. But this one created by FC Grubb isn’t like your typical pub squash; it’s light, refreshing, and if we’re being totally honest, tastes like it’s made with care, unlike the other stuff that gets pumped out in dingy factories.



  1. Tim

    03/02/2017 at 8:52 am

    Three simple words: Tarax Creamy Soda.

    If only it was still around…

  2. Scott

    13/03/2018 at 10:32 am

    According to Asahi – Woodys lemonade is now discontinued- 🙁

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