Fritz Gets Sweaty Ahead Of The Adelaide Stadium Stomp [Video]

July is the month of health in South Australia, apparently. Instead of slothful hibernation and TV bingeing, everybody is going alcohol-free and getting their health kick on. So Fritz decided to jump on board and send some reps into the abyss of dry July and a bit of a stair climbing challenge.

The ever-plucky Elyse and Eliza were the lucky (only) volunteers for this Sunday’s Stadium Stomp at the Adelaide Oval. And no, it’s not a jolly boot stomping dance show. Think 6000 stairs, all the way to the lofty heights of level five in the stadium stands and then back down again. A whole loop. Rather them than us.

“It’s a unique and fun fitness challenge for all levels of fitness. Anyone from the age of 12 can join in,’ Susie King from Stadium Stomp says.

The course is one lap of the grandstands, with a lap around the oval to finish up. There is no time limit, so you’re only competing against yourself. Individuals and teams can sign up. On the day, there’s music to keep you pumped, drink stations and (most importantly) rest stops.

Stadium Stomp Adelaide

The Stadium Stomp event is raising money for the Leukaemia Foundation, so you can feel good as you sweat. Plus it’s good training for any teams that are entering Enventive’s Corporate Cup, which for office workers is actually a rather fab excuse to get away from the desk during business hours – you get to be competitive with your co-workers and help erase some of that boss-induced stress. Win/win.

“It’s a great warm-up for the Corporate Cup, which runs for 16 weeks,” Amanda Burnett, events manager from Enventive and the iconic ‘Life. Be In It.’ says. “It’s about getting active. Anyone can get involved in the Stadium Stomp. Just as long as you can climb the stairs, you can participate.” As an added bonus, if you are already registered for 2017 Corporate Cup Adelaide, you can get a 10% discount off your Stadium Stomp registration fee.

Just keep thinking of the health benefits. Besides, it’s dry July, so it’s not like you want to spend a Sunday sipping soda water at the pub, is it?

So get your best activewear ready and register today – final online registrations close Friday 7 July, 5pm AEST. Your bum and the Leukemia Foundation will thank you for it. Besides, it will give you bragging rights around the water cooler come Monday morning. Just ignore the sniggers as you hobble away. Fritz (Elyse and Eliza) will see you there.

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