Fritz Guide: Preparing for the Bay-City Fun Run

The Bay-City Fun Run is fast approaching, but if your plans to get off the couch and onto the track are easily thwarted, take heart. We at Fritz share your pain. Some nights, we’re too tired to take the 20 measly steps to our back door to let the dog out for a whizz before going to bed, let alone adding exercise to the mix.

We highly recommend tissues for the tears, Band-Aids for the blisters, and a few bottles of deodorant…”

But with the Bay-City Fun Run taking place on 19 April, the Fritz team decided to share their top tips for finding the motivation to walk or run the track in the hope we might take our own advice. (Note, we probably won’t. But you should. If you’re into that sort of thing.)

New ActivewearNew Active Wear

Everyone knows that a shopping spree in your local Lorna Jane, Lululemon or Rebel Sport store will provide you with an overabundance of active motivation. Why? Because a part of your broke soul dies each time you ignore those pricey pieces of performance fabric for yet another cosy sleep in. Try sleeping in them each night to minimise the effort to get up in the morning (because let’s face it, getting out of your PJs is too hard).


Treat your feet right

Treat Your Feet Right

A no-brainer, really, because the most expensive sneakers will always make you run faster – DUH! And don’t be stingy on the socks either because those el-cheapo pairs will leave your feet blistered and bloody for days as you break the shoes in (don’t ask how we know. We don’t want to talk about it). Schedule in a few foot spas, while you’re at it.


Killer Playlists

Killer Playlists

Gone are the days of listening to the sounds of nature as you pounded the pavers. Instead, fill your device with heavy beats that bring out your inner-animal and push those little legs further than ever before. Listen to the songs of Eminem, Kanye West and Nirvana to get your blood racing, or if you’re into something a bit techno, perhaps Avicii or Skrillex will tickle your fancy. Regardless of your musical tastes, be sure to invest in earphones that will stay put, like these.


Stock up on essentials

Stock up on Essentials

We highly recommend tissues for the tears, BandAids for the blisters, and a few bottles of deodorant or body spray to keep you smelling… well, better than your shoes will. A nice wine to reward you for being active won’t go astray, either.




If you’re new to the ‘exercise club’, you’re going to feel a wee bit of pain after your first run… and probably the second, third and fourth. Be it a brief 500 metres or you manage a staggering five kilometres, you’ll be feeling the burn throughout your thighs, calves, ankles and probably toes for a few days. Minimise the agony by stretching before and after you hit the streets or treadly.


Get Running

Get Running

Focus on your form, first and foremost. Keep your hips, spine and neck aligned, and remember to hold your shoulders back. Keep your arms at your side and let them swing naturally. And be sure to gradually increase your time and distance before upping the intensity; it’s better to run longer with correct form than push yourself too fast and cause an injury.

If you’re interested in finding training schedules, you can find running and walking guides on the Bay-City website.


Think of the Bragging

Think of the Bragging

With a 4.5 kilometre or 12 kilometre option, as well as your choice of charity to raise funds for, we say completing the Bay-City gives you ultimate bragging rights among your mates for being a downright legend. Until the next race in September, at least. It’s an added bonus that you can finally get to be one of those people on social media sharing every bit of their ‘health kick’ with their family, friends, workmates, that person you spoke to at a party for five minutes in 2013… Go on, you know you want to.


Treat yo’self

Treat Yo’self

Once you’ve completed your run each day, have a small snack to treat yourself for your hard work. A fritz and sauce sanga always goes down pretty well.

Register here before you get training. And remember, sweat is fat crying!

Share your best running tips in the comments below.

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