Fritz Guide to The Garden of Unearthly Delights

Fritz Guide to GOUD
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It’s almost the midpoint of the Fringe fest. Feeling like your liver is about to pop out and your productivity has dropped at work? This is not a reasonable excuse to stay in. You need to go hard because all the glitter-infused joy and wackiness of the east end draws to a close on the eve of 18 March. This is the perfect time to hit the Garden of Unearthly Delights with your nan/tinder date/partner/girl gang/niece/nephew. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a Fritz guide to The Garden of Unearthly Delights – with nibbles included.

Date Night – Mahalia Tanner

Glittery Clittery

It’s date night, you’re headed to the Garden, but you have no idea what show to take your significant other to. You want something fun, flirty, sassy, a little risqué… and jam-packed full of glitter-drenched feminist undertones. Enter stage right Glittery Clittery: A Consensual Party. Starring physical comedy kween Tessa Waters, acclaimed comedian and storyteller Rowena Hutson and musical comic powerhouse Victoria Falconer – Gliterry Clittery is everything you need for a night of sensual, consensual fun. Hilarious, educational and moving, this three-woman feminist comedy cabaret will leave you feeling empowered and brave. Who doesn’t love that in a partner?

Eat: Sugary donuts as sweet as your love. Follow your nose to the van of deep-fried donut joy.

Glittery Clittery: A Consensual Party. Le Cascadeur, The Garden of Unearthly Delights until Sunday 18 March. Tickets from $25

Let’s Hear It For the Boys – Jackson Polley

Blonde Bombshell

The Adelaide Fringe is very much catered to the friends of Dorothy – hell, the GOUD is practically a month-long Pride event. If you saw the fabulous Yummy or A Night At The Musicals (sadly, both finished their runs) it’s time to see our Fringe Ambassador’s show. No, Joel Creasy isn’t Courtney Act out of drag but he is just as flamboyant and funny.

Eat: Hit up the delicious food and fellas at CaroClub and get yourself a slow-cooked pork roll.

Joel Creasey – Blonde Bombshell. Corona Theatre, The Garden of Unearthly Delights until Sunday 11 March. Tickets from $25

Tinder Date – Kirstie Forbes

Sam Simmons

Fringe is the perfect judging ground for first dates. Plenty of people and goings-on to keep you occupied should your in-person catch up turn tedious. Rate their capacity for weirdness by taking your date to the stand-up comic genius of Sam Simmons – Radical Women of Latin American Art, 1960- 1985. If they are fidgeting or bored, you know they are a dud. Lose them at the end of the show by suggesting a turn on the Ferris Wheel. Let them on first and then bail as the latch comes down. Wave goodbye. It was for the best.

Eat: Nothing more sensual on a first date then noshing on a garlic laden corn cob. Yummo.

Sam Simmons – Radical Women of Latin American Art, 1960- 1985. Corona Theatre, The Garden of Unearthly Delights until Sunday 18 March. Tickets from $29

Girls Night – Eliza Oatway

Puppetry of the Penis

Adelaide is alive with the sound of party girls Instagram-ing their night at the Garden. A playground full of selfie worthy snaps, the fairy lights twinkling and boozy concoctions served in pineapples and coconuts make for the perfect night out. Just add a trip to The Vagabond to see Puppetry of the Penis and you’re set. It’s penis origami like you’ve never seen before and promises serious LOLs.

Eat: Check out the Pineapple Brothers for coconut cocktails and then head to That Arancini Guy for some seriously tasty balls.

Puppetry of the Penis. The Vagabond, The Garden of Unearthly Delights. Until Sunday 18 March. Tickets from $32

Your Mum – Alex Traeger

Blanc de Blanc

Let’s face it, no matter what you take your mum to see at the GOUD, she’s going to be stoked with the invite. The show itself doesn’t really matter – it’s the quality one-on-one time that she’s been craving that will give you major points. Favourite child = you. If your mum is a chilled out legend and doesn’t mind a bit of suggestive cabaret, then treat her to a night of singing, dancing and LOLs at Blanc De Blanc. Yes, it’s risqué, but also heaps of fun and you can spend the night glancing awkwardly at each other during the nudity… and you can probably convince your mum to buy the champagne (and drive). Win-win.

Eat: Treat mum to dumplings from the delicious @gyozarecords. Have the vegan gyoza – it’s LIT.

BLANC de BLANC. Fortuna Spiegeltent, The Garden of Unearthly Delights until Sunday 18th of March. Tickets from $58

Bring Your Nan – Katie Spain

A Visit With Nan

This is one to take nan to. Why? Because it involves three (quite convincing) blokes dressed as nanas, it is hosted in a vintage caravan that smells like nan, involves tea, biscuits, and novelty spoons, and it runs for just 15 minutes. Good news for grandma and her dodgy bladder. Winning. Just don’t be late or you’ll rue the day.

Eat: Something the same hue as her hair (if she’s anything like ours) – pink or blue fairy floss on a stick.

A Visit With Nan In A Caravan. The Caravan, The Garden of Unearthly Delights until Sunday 18 March. Tickets $15

Keep The Kids Quiet – Ellen Morgan


A whole hour of captivating silence? Heaven does exist. Mums and dads of Adelaide are raving about Tom Flanagan’s silent circus show. The not-to-be-missed performance has been nominated for best circus, Tom’s clever one-man acrobatics receiving glowing reviews from his Adelaide and Edinburgh appearances. It’s a Garden favourite this year (and not just for the kids).

Eat: For veggie-lovers out there, all aboard Veggie Galley – the pirate ship serving up the best vegetarian & vegan burgers and salads in town. The halloumi pineapple is the stuff of dreams.

Kaput. Corona Theatre, The Garden of Unearthly Delights. Just one show left – Monday 12 March. Tickets from $15

Go By Yo-Self – Katie Spain

Dr Ahmed

Got no mates? Or just none who commit. There’s nothing wrong with hitching up your fun pants and attending a Fringe show solo. I do it all the time. The Garden is a great place to wander solo. There’s a talking tree you can exchange texts with (no really, find it next to the Corona Theatre tent) or catch some comedy. You won’t feel lonely when you’re packed in between a bunch of strangers and their belly laughs. All the cool kids are talking about Dr Ahmed’s Doctor In The House. The real-life London GP with a knack for stand-up. Dr Ahmed sees the light-hearted humour in his day-to-day medical role. It’s insightful as well as funny.  Did I mention he’s pure eye-candy? Might be your best crack at picking up a doctor in the crowd too, singletons.

Eat: Everything. Start with fried chicken, because you deserve it. Get a jug of Pimms, for one. This is your night.

Doctor In The House, STUDIO 7, The Garden of Unearthly Delights, until Sunday 18 March. Tickets from $30

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