Fritz Reviews: Six Random Things In Adelaide We Tried Out

Fritz Reviews: 6 Random Things In Adelaide We Tried Out

From bahn mi to scuba diving, hair stylers to SA tap water, Fritz reviews the little things in life…

1. Roast Pork Bahn Mi at Zen Café

Bahn Mi Zen Café

I think I’ve finally found the SA equivalent of heaven in a French baguette. The queue for the bahn mi at Zen Café, Renaissance Arcade may at first, seem intimidating. However, the staff are some of the most efficient. Watching them construct the roll – paté, herbs, meat, pickled veg at such a cracking pace – is enough to make even the most experienced bahn mi dieter dizzy with excitement. I highly recommend the roast pork. I mean, there’s crackling. If you can handle the heat, add extra chilli to clear out those sinuses in the most delicious way possible (just remember to take a tissue). After devouring this Vietnamese specialty, you’ll leave Zen in the best state of zen there is, food coma.

Claire Slade


2. EVY iQ-Oneglide Styling Iron

EVY iQ-Oneglide Styling Iron

The EVY iQ styling iron boasts so many features aimed at hair protection and softening, it puts conditioner to shame. This won the most innovative new styling tool at 2017 Hair Fashion Awards, so it has a lot to live up to. The iQ’s main selling point is its hair-hydrating technology, with 32 ionic-generating minerals (including 24 carat gold) infused into the product. The PR spiel says these break up water particles so they can penetrate hair more thoroughly. But can it make my constantly coloured hair look great? The answer is, it really does. It’s also super-fast to heat up, has adjustable temperature, a long cord and a heatproof bag. At $299, it’s a luxury, but one that pays off in good hair days. Officially a fan.

Sky Harrison


3. Learning to Scuba Dive

Diving Adelaide

I’m going on holiday to places with warm water and boats equipped with scuba diving equipment, which is a ridiculous idea because I can’t dive. So I spent a weekend with Sean and Nick from Diving Adelaide to get PADI Open Water certified. Before heading to the Port Noarlunga Reef, we spent a couple of hours at the bottom of the Adelaide Aquatic Centre learning the necessary skills involved in staying alive under water. Three dives around reef and jetty before the final dive along the reef with countless fish and other sea creatures before heading back to the shop for paperwork and a well deserved beer. The Diving Adelaide team are a good bunch. Bring on that holiday.

Kris Dingey


4. SA Tap Water

Adelaide Tap Water

I saw my sister drinking straight from her tap in her Melbourne home. Where was her Pura Tap? An outrage! Melbourne water is apparently like Evian. “It shits all over Adelaide’s hogwash,” my brother-in-law said. I gave it a try. It tastes like nothing. No chlorine aftertaste. No teeth-protecting, brain-melting fluoride. No murky grey colour. No sea monkeys floating in it. Adelaide water gets a knocking but it’s that distinctive taste I miss when I go interstate. This water has gotten me through many a middle-of-the-night, drunken desert mouths and I’m not about to turn my back on it now. So don’t be hater, and love our life-giving SA tap water as much as I do.

Jackson Polley


5. Art Cups

Art Cups

Coffee goes down better when it’s served in a creative cup. In a nod to the art world and SALA, Dulwich Bakery owner Wayne Duffy has ask a bunch of local artists to transform the store’s takeaway coffee cups into little works of art. The result is a bright delight, including a vibrant interpretation of Hindley Street (hello Jerusalem and Crazy Horse). The concept isn’t a new one – I’ve been smiling as I sip from the BioCup Art Series for donkeys, updated every three months. You can find them at Maxwell’s Grocery in Aldinga and Blue Bird Coffee Lounge on Currie Street. The best bit? They’re too darn pretty to throw away. Use them to make mobiles, art instillations or earrings.

Katie Spain


6. The Art of the Natural Home

The Art of the Natural Home

Local author Rebecca Sullivan loves to cook, craft and clean – the natural way. Her new book is a room-by-room guide on how to make sure your abode is free of nasties: from the pantry to the garden, fridge and cleaning cupboard. The most enjoyable part of the book is the edible section. Preserved lemons, pickled onions, vanilla ice-cream, butter, and kimchi – the recipes are easily digestible (literally) and simple to make. Step-by-step instructions are accompanied by personal anecdotes and moments of humour. Photographs by Nassima Rothacker are a delight. Published by Simon & Schuster $39.99.

Katie Spain


Agree or disagree with our reviews? Got something you’d love us to review? Let us know in the comments, below.

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