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Fritz South Australian Schnitzel Safari

Schnitzel Safari

Schnitzels are the quintessential go-to pub food (locally known as a countery) that heaps of South Australian’s can’t seem to get enough of. So just for schnitz’n’gigs, we’ve asked some well-known local legends about their schnitty secrets. Where are the best schnitty’s kept? What are the secret schnitty orders? Best of all, Fritz HQ has compiled a list of the schnitzel specials across the state, so you can get a sweet schnitty deal any day of the week. You’re welcome.

From David Penberthy – FIVEaa Breakfast Show Announcer

David Penberthy

“After years of dedication to the cause, I can honestly say I have never had a bad parmi. The first time I ever ate one was at a regular family countery at the Marion Hotel. So for introducing me to the amazing world of the parmi, our old local wins the prize. That said I did have a great schnitty at the Gilbert recently – pork schnitzel topped with a fried egg and anchovy sauce and served with coleslaw. Unique and awesome.”

Anne “Willsy” Wills – Weathergirl and all-round SA Legend

Anne “Willsy” Wills

“Nothing like roadhouse schnitty’s – they soothe the beast and belly.”

“I consider myself a SCHNITZEL-AHOLIC! Whenever I travel to the country with the esteemed Mr Peter Goers, we always stop for a meal at a roadhouse somewhere along the way – usually about 11 pm on the way home. Nothing like roadhouse schnitty’s – they soothe the beast and belly.

On a more formal note, my favourite beef schnitzel is at the tavern, Auchendarroch House, Mount Barker cinemas. Always big and tasty. But my favourite is the pork schnitzel we get at The German Club in Flinders Street. Served with salad and we ask for mashed ‘taties (they’re extra). We go to a quiz there every second Wednesday night…and they know my order before I give it!”

Callum Ferguson – Australian Cricketer

Callum Ferguson

“My favourite has always been the Earl of Leicester. The range of topping options is extraordinary. Generally, I roll out of there resembling a small houseboat due to the sheer size of the things. Phenomenal.”

Becchara Palmer – Adelaide Crows Women’s League

Becchara Palmer

“Favourite spot for a schnitzel…that’s a hard one. I would have to say, it’s a toss-up between the Watermark at Glenelg, and The Austral on Rundle.”

Les Burdett – former Adelaide Oval Ground Curator

Les Burdett

“Being a western suburbs dweller, I always like to stay local where I can. The Lakes Resort Hotel’s chicken schnitzel is my favourite. Best served with a West End Draught! The view from The Crusoe Room is fantastic, too.”

Tim Smith – Tim Smith Wines

Tim Smith Wines

“Best schnitty is the Angas Park Hotel in Nuriootpa – that, combined with a bottle of Pete Scholz’ Willows Semillon is one of the all-time classic countery’s!”

Caitlin Harvey – Feast on Foot

Caitlin Harvey Feast on Foot

“The Largs Pier. A lovely pub, great menu and a damn good chicken schnitzel. Good size, not wastefully big, juicy and crunchy with a great parmi topping.”

Jarrod Walsh – Nova Presenter/sports MC

Jarrod Walsh

“I’ve been called a weirdo several times as my regular order is: a chicken schnitty with no cheese – just chuck the nap sauce on it.”

“It’s not just about the schnitty. It’s the WHOLE schnitty experience which is important.

My new favourite place to grab one is the newly renovated The Bartley in West Lakes. Complimented by a generous serving of chips and a pint of guilt free tank beer, you can’t go wrong.

PS – I’ve been called a weirdo several times as my regular order is: a chicken schnitty with no cheese – just chuck the nap sauce on it. Weirdo, but a satisfied one!”

Nicole Donnelly – Mazi Mas Adelaide/Amnesty International

Nicole Donelly

“The best way to order a schnitzel is at Chicco Palms or Amalfi, and is actually an off-menu-hack called the “Bill & Tony’s Special” (self-named after the Sydney institution). Basically, you order a coto letta (Italian schnitzel) but you get spaghetti meatballs on the side and eat them together.”

Roy “The Golden Phung” Phung – Comedian and Actor

Roy Phung

“Earl of Leicester or the Coopers ale house in the city. They’re both known for their quality crispy schnitzels – tasty salad – great choice of the usual classic sauces and some modern choices and a good serve of crunchy chips.”

James Brown – MASH Design/Africola

James Brown

“I have an array of wins here so I’m going to give you the James Brown Top 3 Schnitzel Party:

  1. The Scenic Hotel Hack

Kangaroo Schnitz or Eggplant Schnitz with added surf’n’turf sauce – Taras Ochota and James Brown favourite.

  1. The Exeter Hack

Beef and Mushroom gravy – that gravy is the bomb, I’ve been eating it for years, it’s the best mushroom sauce in the world. The hack – best served with the gravy but also lemon and mash instead of chips. Add loads of white pepper to the mash.

  1. Land of Promise

Served with an egg and a lap dance, great for misogynists and shonky-business dealings, it’s certainly an experience.”

Miles Wilson – drummer Bad//Dreems

Miles Wilson Bad Dreems

“My first encounter with this divine dish was at the now defunct ‘Royal Hotel’ in Kent Town. They stopped serving it because they’re insane…”

“The Irish have long been the brunt of gags. They’ve had shite heaped on them for years due to their inaudible accents, milky complexions, carrot tops and jovial attitudes. Unfairly, these jokes illustrate elements of stupidity, but they’re actually entirely fictitious. Why you ask? Because the Irish are responsible for the exceedingly great gift of Kilpatrick sauce – Worcestershire sauce, diced bacon and bbq sauce. At some stage, an Aussie battler (probably against everyone else’s better judgement) created the glorious bastardisation that is the Kilpatrick Parmigiana. My first encounter with this divine dish was at the now defunct ‘Royal Hotel’ in Kent Town. They stopped serving it because they’re insane.

After some in-depth passenger seat iPhone research, it became apparent to me and the Kilpatrick Parmi Army that you can still score one of these at the Earl of Leicester. To be suuuure to be sure. Give it a whirl, and lay off the people of the Ire while you’re at it. Oh, and it comes with pretty solid diddle-dee potato fries too.”

As promised, your cheap schnitty night cheat sheet.


Bridgeway Hotel, Pooraka. $10 schnitzel, $12 parmigiana.

Cove Tavern, Hallet Cove. $22 for two schnitzels.

General Havelock, Adelaide. $10 with any full priced drink.

Griffins Hotel, Adelaide. $25 for two schnitzels.

Highbury Hotel, Highbury. $24 schnitzels for two schnitzels.

McQueens Tavern & Gaming, Angle Park. $10 schnitzel.

Prince of Wales, Port Adelaide. $10 schnitzel, $1 gravy and $3 toppings.

St Kilda Beach Hotel, St Kilda. $7.50 chicken, $10 300g Angus Beef.

The Goody Hotel, Goodwood. $12 schnitzels and $3 pint of pale, $14 parmigiana.

Tower Hotel, Magill. $15 schnitzel with sauce.

The Watermark, Glenelg. $10 schnitzel, dinner only.


Bartley Tavern, West Lakes. $10.90 schnitzel.

Bridgeway Hotel, Pooraka. $10 schnitzel, $12 parmigiana.

Paradise Hotel, Paradise. $11.90 schnitzel.

St Kilda Beach Hotel, St Kilda. $7.50 chicken, $10 300g Angus Beef.

Torrens Arms Hotel, Mitcham. $10 schnitzel.

Woodville Hotel, Woodville. $15 parmigiana.


Britannia Hotel, Norwood. $9.50 schnitzel with sauce.

Griffins Hotel, Adelaide. $14 schnitzel.

The Warradale “Wazzledazzle” Hotel, Warradale. $15 “parmageddon” – variety of choices.


The Alma, Norwood. $15 chicken parmigiana.

Club Marion, Marion. $12.50 schnitzel with topping, chips and salad bar.

Coopers Alehouse, Adelaide. $10 300gm schnitzel.

Cove Tavern, Hallett Cove. $9.90 schnitzel.

General Havelock, Adelaide. $35 for two pints and two parmi/schnitzels with sauce.

Hope Inn, Hindmarsh. $10 schnitzel including topping.

Paradise Hotel, Paradise. $11.90 schnitzel.

Prince of Wales, Port Adelaide. $10 schnitzel, $1 gravy and $3 toppings.

Seacliff Beach Hotel, Seacliff. $30 for two schnitzels and jug of lager or cider.

Seven22, Beverley. $11 schnitzel and $14 parmigiana, lunch and dinner.

South Adelaide Football Club, Noarlunga Downs. Two for one schnitzel.

The Hilton Hotel, Hilton. $15 schnitzel including topping.

Tower Hotel, Magill. $15 schnitzel with sauce.

The Junction Tavern, Camden Park. $15 schnitzel with sauce. 


Corio Hotel, Goolwa. $12.90 schnitzel, $15 parmigiana.

Prince of Wales, Port Adelaide. $10 schnitzel, $1 gravy and $3 toppings.


Bartley Tavern, West Lakes. $25 for two pints and two parmigiana.

General Havelock, Adelaide. $35 for two pints and two parmigiana/schnitzel with sauce.

Paradise Hotel, Paradise. $11.90 schnitzel.

Prince of Wales, Port Adelaide. $10 schnitzel $1 gravy and $3 toppings.


Coopers Alehouse, Adelaide. $15 600gm schnitzel.

Tavern 540, Allenby Gardens. $10 schnitzel, $4 Toppings “From Around The World”, dinner only.

*prices and weekday deals will definitely change over time, so don’t be hating if the $10 schnitty becomes an $11 schnitty.

Have we missed out on any world-class South Australian schnitzel joints? Let us know in the comments, below. 

Smiley Fritz



  1. Jacki

    05/07/2017 at 6:27 pm

    Must agree with Willsy the Pork Schnitzel at The German Club is the best takes me back to Childhood when my Mum’s Hungarian Friend used to make them for me pure food heaven.

    • Dianna Taylor

      06/07/2017 at 9:28 am

      The absolute biggest and best Schnitty’s are at the Schnithouse in Rundle Street and The Parade Norwood .

  2. Jeanne

    10/07/2017 at 8:51 pm

    I would like to see Fritz become more all encompassing South Australian, not just Adelaide. So I’m going to invite you to come check out the Three Brothers Arms in Macclesfield in the gorgeous Adelaide Hills for their Schnitty Nights on Wednesday. I’m not a great fan of the parmi or other toppings, BUT the Mushroom Gravy or Garlic Butter on beef or chicken schnitzel with mash and veg does it for me.

    • Jackson

      11/07/2017 at 10:24 am

      Hello, Jeanne! Thank you for the suggestion, Three Brothers Arms is indeed a great choice. I have contacted them to see if they have a schnitzel deal, so we can include them in the blog. In regards to encompassing all of South Australia, we definitely always try to not just focus on Adelaide, the choices that have been made, span from Angas Park Hotel in Nuriootpa to the Corio Hotel in Goolwa. There are so many great pubs that serve great schnizels in our state, so thank you for your suggestion.

      • Stacey

        22/07/2017 at 11:26 pm

        Hi Jackson! If the fritz crew head through Maccy, then we would love to see you at The Commercial Hotel in Strathalbyn..just up the road! We do our Snitty night every Thursday! $15 will get you a chicken or Beef Schnitzel with ANY of our toppings or sauces!The favourite at the moment is our Carbonara topping, and our creamy mushroom sauce is delish! Cheers, Stace.

  3. Ryn

    23/07/2017 at 3:42 am

    Worldsend $10 Parmi anytime..

  4. Ben

    27/07/2017 at 8:51 pm

    Excellent article, Got some great places to try now.
    Come join our group. Schnitzel lovers of Adelaide.

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