Furby Has Taken Over Adelaide… Have You Seen One?

Furby Has Taken Over Adelaide Have You Seen One

Sometimes the smallest things bring the most joy. Our most recent reason to smile is the Furby paste-ups popping up all over Adelaide.

The little critters depict the electronic American toys popular in the late nineties. They can be spotted on walls across the city, including Rundle Street, on the exterior of The Gilbert Hotel, Unley Road, and on a wall behind Grote Street’s Antique Market. There’s even one on a rock in Glenelg.

Photo: Laura

The bright little colour bursts are enough to turn a frown upside down. Antique Market owner Dean Donovan was delighted to find one behind his historic vintage business.

“As long as it makes me happy I will be putting these guys out there, so keep your eyes peeled.”

“It makes us smile every morning,” Dean says. “And after a hard day it shines a big smile when we leave.”

Who is behind the street art? A bit of digging revealed it’s a local artist who goes by the name of Laura Lamington.

She was chuffed to hear that her bright little critters are causing so much joy.

Photo: Katie Spain

“I have been in love with street art and graffiti since I was a kid,” she says. “And have always wanted to contribute to the culture, so basically this is my invasion.”

She is coy when asked how many are out there.

“That’s my secret.”

Why Furbies?

“I never had a Furby as a kid so I think this could be some king of subconscious rebellion, and as long as it makes me happy I will be putting these guys out there, so keep your eyes peeled. Phase eight is in progress.

Photo: Find a Furby

That’s good news for us. And for the creators of an Instagram account devoted to Furby spottings. Pictures can be sent to @find_a_furby.

“I was really surprised about the Insta account. I am so happy that people are having fun with it.”

Happy hunting.

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