Gray Day At The Mcg As Storm Clouds Gather Over The Crows

Gray Day at the MCG as Storm Clouds Gather over the Crows

Power superstar Robbie Gray turned it on for Paddy Ryder’s 200th game against Collingwood, while the Adelaide Crows suffered a shock loss to Hawthorn.

Paddy Ryder

Port Adelaide gave high-leaping Paddy Ryder a 200th game to remember by defeating Collingwood by 31 points at the MCG on Saturday afternoon.

Banner messages are coming under increasing scrutiny. The Western Bulldogs set the benchmark and now there are numerous try-hards.

Port Magpies

“Forrest Gump said that life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. And so it is with AFL umpiring: strawberry creams one week and hazelnut twirls the next.”

Port supporters were thrilled to get the four points in an away game, but not as thrilled about the Crows losing and the Power breathing down their necks.

I ‘had to’ watch the match on a giant screen at the Barker Hotel in Mount Barker because this match was on a three-hour delay on free-to-air TV and I don’t have Fox. And here I was thinking there was no upside to delayed telecasts.

Collingwood fans were in good form on Twitter, bagging the umpires. Fair enough, too. Forrest Gump said that life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. And so it is with AFL umpiring: strawberry creams one week and hazelnut twirls the next.

Robbie Gray was outstanding. It was probably his best game for the club, kicking five goals and handing out many more. If Ryder continues to give the midfielders the ball on a silver platter and they continue to find Gray near the goals, Port Adelaide will take some stopping in the remaining nine games.

Hamish Hartlett played his best game for ages, throwing his weight around. And quality first-year player Sam Powell-Pepper also dished it out.

Powell Pepper

It was a poor crowd. Collingwood fans were shattered.



Dung Hill

Hell hath no fury like Magpies fans letting loose on their coach.

Coach Killer

Buckley Tactics


Port’s attacking style flourishes in the big spaces the MCG provides. All Ken Hinkley could talk about after the game was coming back for more.


The Adelaide Crows were expected to flog lowly Hawthorn at Adelaide Oval on Thursday night, but suffered a shock 14-point loss and were bumped from the top of the premiership ladder.

A big talking point on Twitter was Hawthorn tough guy Luke Hodge putting on a few extra kilograms, and Hawthorn’s away strip.

Rory Sloane was stopped. Someone panicked that his heart stopped, too.

The last time the Hawks were in Adelaide, they failed to score a goal in the first half against Port Adelaide and had a shocker of a night.

I’ve heard worst suggestions than this…

When the Crows go well, the supporters say they don’t miss Patrick Dangerfield at all and that they don’t need Bryce Gibbs. But they do miss Dangerfield, and they do need Gibbs.

Crows fans continue to be concerned about coach Don Pyke’s unwillingness to make rash decisions – or any decisions for that matter.

The form of young Greenwood is a bright spot for Adelaide. This is a good endorsement.

There have been some head-scratching goal reviews lately and Hawthorn looked to have been robbed of a goal – do the goal reviewers know what they’re doing? Do they need better technology?

No one at the Crows saw this loss coming.

At the bottom of the Torrens you’ll find mud, guns, Coke cans, shopping trolleys, chardonnay bottles and expensive Crows merchandise.

The Crows have now dropped four games. They must regroup quickly or risk slipping further down the ladder. Unbelievable, really, considering they were called “unbeatable” by experts just a few weeks ago.

The Crows head to the MCG on Saturday to take on Carlton, while Port Adelaide return to Adelaide Oval on Saturday night to play sixth-placed Richmond. Both South Australian teams should win, boosting work productivity next week.

Do you go to the pub to watch the footy when the free-to-air telecast is delayed? Let us know in the comments, below

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