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Ofo & OzHarvest

‘Tis the season of giving, especially to those less fortunate. Unfortunately, it’s also the season of far too much driving around to this and that Christmas ‘do. Australia’s leading shared bicycle company ofo is hoping we can buck the trend and hit the streets by bike, all the while feeding those who need it most.

From December 18 to 23 this year, ofo is offering free bike hire in Sydney and Adelaide, so you can really nip all those mince pies you’ve been munching in the bud.

Ofo & OzHarvest

For each ride taken, ofo are donating 50 cents to OzHarvest, feeding one meal to a person in need. It’s also helping to reduce waste, too, with OzHarvest’s genius ethos of saving all the food wasted in commercial venues and giving it to charities and people in need. It’s redistribution and re-use at it’s very best.

You’ll also be reducing pollution in our city during the crazy Christmas period, by giving your legs a workout and stepping on the pedal. “Globally, ofo riders offset 84 million litres of fuel consumption and 265,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions [in just April, May and June 2017]. That’s a staggering amount,” Adelaide ofo operations manager Alex Hender says.

They’re all about the city, as well as North and West too. “The City of Adelaide was the first ofo city in the Southern Hemisphere. They’re currently available in the city, North Adelaide and everywhere from Bowden out to Henley beach,” he says. The good news for those further out in the suburban sprawl is that they’re growing. “We’re aiming to be in your area soon.”

Ofo & OzHarvest

All you need to do is get the app, find a bike and check out the parking zones to pick up and drop off. “Our bikes are lightweight, reliable and easy to ride,” Alex says. “They come with a helmet – no lycra required.”

While they’re free for December (OzHarvest promotion until 23rd only), they’re usually only $1 an hour, with a $5 cap. Beats those hefty carpark charges for sure (and nobody needs a parking ticket this Christmas).

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Check the ofo app to see the operating area and available bikes.

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