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Want to maximise your brownie points to loved ones, support local and give yourself the best opportunity for a humblebrag? Buying local handmade gifts does all of the above and helps artisans and the economy to boot. Winning. Here’s some of our favourite creators in Adelaide.

Noun Movement Books

Fritz Handmade - Noun Books

Miranda Dangerfield is a bookbinder and letter compositor based in Croydon Park. She has 18 years of experience in the field, and you can tell. She creates notebooks and art books with leather and fabric using sharp lines, monograms and unexpected colours. Drawing on the medieval tradition of bookbinding, she produces modern designs that celebrate the small details. Think pink leather and gold lettering. Shop her design dreams online.

BB Shoemaker

Fritz Handmade BBShoemaker

Beccy Bromilow spends her time at Gilles Street’s collaborative workspace Ensemble, chipping away at shoes. Creating made-to-order shoes, as well as belts and dog collars, Beccy’s designs quietly scream chic, effortless, and timeless. Sustainability is on her mind, too. By using a variety of materials including local vegetable-tanned kangaroo leather, bovine leathers, cork, and rubber, this local woman is minimising her footprint while making yours very cool. Imagine knowing exactly who made your next pair of summer slides. Start walking her way. Shop online.

Kate Sutherland Jewellery

Fritz Handmade Kate Sutherland

Kate’s self-proclaimed title ‘maker of precious things’ is spot on. Adorning the people of Adelaide (and beyond) in special pieces has been Kate Sutherland’s profession for a fabulous five years now. Among fast-fashion and mass-produced creations, Kate’s practice of creating unique, sacred jewellery is something to be treasured. Exploring how adornment can become a part of the wearer’s identity and the body is something Kate prides herself on. Shop online or visit Kate at the JamFactory.

Isabella Whittaker

Fritz Handmade Bella White

Known for her popular ‘Babes’ illustrations depicting all kinds of wonderful women, Bella creates prints, shirts, bags, socks, earrings and hats (just to name a few). She’s just finished her university degree in graphic design and has already been involved in exhibitions at The Mill and Henley Square’s Swedish Tarts. This woman is heading for big things. Her goods are hand painted and printed. Better yet, she’ll ship them anywhere – feel good stocking fillers made easy. Shop online and follow Isabella and her Babes on Instagram to see the magic happen.

Wholegrain Studio

Fritz Handmade Wholegrain

With a clothes rack called ‘Well Hung’, a bedside table called ‘ToWakeTo’, an all-in-one chair, stool, bench, and shelf called ‘BOOKnook’, Wholegrain Studio makes wooden dreams come true. Adelaide’s own Josh McCallum is the creator of these masterpieces. With a love of recycled materials and revelling in the ‘perfect imperfect,’ his creations use angles, curves and textures that make you think. In addition to commissioned work, Josh makes pieces for commercial use too, including a sewing desk, a coffee cart, and a bar. He’s taking some time off at the moment, but you can still enquire online for any remaining pieces and any custom enquiries.

Handmade Ceramics by Ayesha Aggarwal

Fritz Handmade Ayesha

There’s something special about holding a ceramic piece, or if you can bear to part with it – giving it as a gift. Ayesha Aggarwal grew up with a love of colour and patterns. These days she pairs her art with the functionality of plates, mugs, and vases. It’s something she’s pretty pleased by, as are we. This gal has serious talent, each ceramic is hand sculpted and painted in her home studio. With nature as her muse, it seems apt that no two pieces are the same. Shop online.


Fritz Handmade BuckIt

Craig and Jamaica are the owners of this environmentally friendly business making accessories from recycled materials. Their wallets, belts and watch straps are made from used or defective bicycle tyres or tubulars – genius. Even their tags and envelopes are made with recycled paper. The earrings? New and leftover links from bike chains, of course. The tyres are donated from the public and local bike shops, helping to reduce community waste. Their commitment to bicycles is uncompromising – support local and be eco-conscious at the same time. Find them online.

DKS Glass Design

Fritz Handmade DKS

Drew Spangenberg originally studied photography to university, but fell in love with glass somewhere in between. Almost five years on, he’s a resident at JamFactory alongside Kate Sutherland. In a time where grabbing the cheapest IKEA vase is the done thing, artisans are still spending hours, days even, glued to their ovens to make something one of a kind. Drew says he is constantly learning and is “constantly humbled by the material.” His portfolio includes a collection of coloured bottles in unusual shapes, tumblers and a decanter like you’ve never seen before. Enquire online and visit the JamFactory for purchase.


Fritz Handmade Nadika

Nadia Suartika may be known for her quirky tattoos but it’s her jewellery that turns heads these days. Her handmade earrings are playful, with bright colours and shapes that celebrate ethnic adornment and femininity. Her creations have popped up at many-a-stall at Porchland and Slow Fashion Festival. They are also available online and are on display at Ensemble workspace and Pineapple Vintage, Croydon.

Do you know someone who’s crafting beautiful handmade creations? We’d love to hear about them.

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