Katie Spain Says: All I Want For Christmas Is The ShitAdelaide 2018 Calendar

Images: Casey Cumming

I love getting letters from Fritz readers. Especially hand-written ones. Last week, snail mail from 88-year-old Marjorie landed on my desk. She loves our rag (but isn’t a fan of profanities) and wonders why we occasionally lower the tone. “What on earth is ShitAdelaide supposed to tell us?” she says (in very fetching cursive). “I am looking forward to the summer issue and wish you all the best.”

I’m keeping that one.

Well Marjorie, here’s the thing. I love ShitAdelaide. For all the piss-taking, light-hearted humour and giggles it creates. I like the Instagram account because it calls people out on bad parking, bad behaviour, bad news reporting, questionable mullets, clothing, dance moves, and ‘Tweet and Eats’.


I like the giggles. I like the tongue in cheek local pride, flashes of nostalgia and the banter it creates over the water cooler. Or down at The Wheatsheaf, as the case may be. We don’t have a water cooler.

I love it because it acknowledges the eccentric characters who make this city tick. Because they don’t take the world, or themselves too seriously. Every now and then, we need a bit of that. I like the fact that, despite living in a ‘look at me’, egocentric, narcissistic world of social media, they’re still anonymous.


Which is why, this year, all I want from Santa’s sweaty sack is the 2018 Shit Adelaide Just Adelaide Things Calendar. It ticks all the boxes. South Australian made, cheap (a tenner for one or $25 for three), and illustrated by a local. Artist Casey Cumming is a fine example of SA pride. With a touch of irony. She produced a one-off ‘spot the difference’ in the Fritz spring addition (featuring Peter Goers, Willsy, and Johnny Haysman) and has a thing for pop-culture. She was quite overwhelmed by the reaction to the calendar. When we last checked they were selling fast. “1000 seemed like plenty,” Casey says. She was wrong.


Before long they’ll be a collector’s item and you can flog them on eBay. I purchased three. I should have bought six. Here’s looking at you Kris Kringle.

If you’re quick you can find them for sale at Urban Cow, The Tangerine Fox and online. This shit is hot property. If shiny, humorous turds are too much for Nan, Casey has also whipped up tea-towels picturing Adelaide icons and frog cake tote bags. Her hairy-bum Maslin Beach postcards are a treat, too.

Shit Adelaide

That’s my Christmas message for 2017 troops. It doesn’t exactly have a regal monarch ring to it like The Queen’s but it’s deadline week and things are crazy in here.

I hope you enjoy the Fritz summer issue as much as I know Marjorie will. It’s out early January.

Smiley Fritz



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Aless

    13/12/2017 at 8:26 pm

    Well, that told her(Marjorie)-now she knows just how valued her opinions aren’t!! This doesn’t surprise me- lots of people these days(yes,I said it!) show off their ‘smart’ ideas to all and sundry(there I go again…) but fail miserably in the graciousness stakes. Graciousness takes us a long way- I value Marjorie’s opinion, even agreeing with it, disliking intensely crass language, and I am WAYYY younger than her.Well said,ma’am.

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