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Meet Adelaide’s South Australian Bung Fritz Appreciation Society

South Australians are quick to declare their love of fritz to unknowledgeable interstaters. Our childhoods were filled with the smiley lunch meat. We owe a debt to it. Devon, you say? What is that?

No South Aussie can claim they love fritz quite as much as the members of the South Australian Bung Fritz Appreciation Society(SABFAS). You heard right. A society built purely upon the adoration of fritz.

It was spring 2005 when Dennis O’Mally took on the role of SABFAS’ founding father. Since then, it’s been all guns blazing with fritz tasting days, the annual Gawler Bung Fritz Cup and regular fritz lunches. When Dennis sadly passed away in 2015, the group continued to munch on.

Current member and Master Bunger, Ian Millen, says the appreciation society has over 100 fritz-loving members.

“We meet bi-monthly at different local hotels and chat about fritz, wine, and anything else,” he says. “Our annual Bung Fritz Tasting Day is one of our favourite events. We invite all SA bung fritz producers to get involved.”

The SABFAS votes for their favourite hunk of meat and hands over the award for the Best Bung Fritz in South Australia. Obsessed with fritz and want the honour of being a SABFAS member? The process of joining isn’t easy.

“First, you must be nominated by a current member, then you’ll require the endorsement of another member,” Ian says.

Following that, there’s a ceremony and a vote of acceptance before you’re officially certified as a bung fritz professional.

The SABFAS also contributes to local causes. In the past, they made donations to the Gawler Hospital, the 2015 Bushfire Appeal, and last year they joined in on the SA Variety Bash.

Let’s raise a slice of fritz to that.

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