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School Holiday Fatigue? Create DIY Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers
Photos: Naomi Giatas

Have you hit school holiday fatigue on the last stretch before the new term begins? No wonder, it’s hotter than Hades outside. Fret not, dear reader, these DIY paper flowers are an easy-peasy craft project to keep you and the little ones distracted while the sun rages outside.

You can use any paper you like, but we’ve gathered up old children’s books and vintage atlases to turn them into something beautiful. Who needs real blooms when you can make your own that last all season with this clever craft idea?

You will need:

Paper: an old atlas, children’s book, music book or origami paper
Sticks from your garden
An old button (or ornament)
Stanley or craft knife
Slue gun

1. Remove pages from book, fold in half and cut down the middle with the knife.

2. Fold each length of paper into squares. Cut six squares for one flower (each square of paper should be approximately 10cm to make a decent-sized bloom).

Paper Flowers Step 2

3. Fold each square in half diagonally to make a triangle.

Paper Flowers Step 3

4. Fold in the sides towards the peak of the diamond.

Paper Flowers Step 4

5. Fold each side back, in halves.

Paper Flowers Step 5

6. Open pockets out with your thumb and squash the fold on both sides.

Paper Flowers Step 6

7. Fold down the tip on both sides.

Paper Flowers Step 7

8. Pull together, glue along the length of the edge and pinch until the glue has set to make a single petal. Repeat five times to make six petals.

Paper Flowers Step 8

9. Glue down the spine of each petal and connect the petals together to form the whole flower. Aya recommends gluing together half and half (three petals each) and then gluing the halves together.

Paper Flowers Step 9

10. Glue the stick into the hole at the base of the flower.

Paper Flowers Step 10

11. Glue a button or ornament of your choice to the centre hole on the head of the flower to form the middle.

Paper Flowers Step 11

12. TADA! You’ve made your very own paper flower that will last forever. Make a whole poesy of different colours and styles for your handmade floral display to brighten up your home – and distract the kiddies.

Paper Flowers Step 12

Ayako works in Birkenstock, Hahndorf, and sells her beautiful paper blooms in their neighbouring store Storison, Hahndorf. Take a gander to see her bunches of different blooms and don’t forget to introduce yourself to her for more origami tips. Thanks to Aya for creating her magic in her lunchbreak, and Andrea of Storison for her generous help, advice and studio for this shoot.

*first featured in Adelaide Hills Magazine.

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