Simon Burt (aka Store), The Adelaide Street Artist Dressing Rap Royalty


As opening hype for a brand, having rapper ASAP Ferg debut your new design with rap royalty Dr Dre in the recording studio is hard to beat. Unless it’s with actual royalty, like the time street artist and designer Simon Burt, aka Store, taught a visiting Prince William how to spray.

But this is no overnight success story.

“Doing a collaboration with Ferg certainly opened a few doors, but the background work had to be there to get to that point,” he says.

“A lot of things are now working out for me, but that’s through effort. If you haven’t got the work ethic behind it then you could have 100 opportunities and nothing is ever going to come of it.”


Store’s company, Materialism Clothing, started as a streetwear brand and has evolved to include custom, handpainted designs – including that ASAP Ferg jacket.

The refreshed brand launch followed 15 years of Store quietly digging away, while also being involved in youth work and ushering forward the next generation of Adelaide street artists.

If you’ve ever been to Rundle Street clubbing institution Sugar, you’ll know his most iconic work – doe-eyed pigeons.

“I grew up as a real townie kid. I always noticed the pigeons as this living presence that defined the city. The pigeon is wired to survive, they are adaptable and determined, I see a lot of myself in that.”

You can see one of his early pigeon-inspired walls in the back streets of Mile End.

“The building was built by the South Australian Pigeon Association and turns out, it was my old high school art building. This is where it all began for me.”

Store is taking the brand to the States, with Japanese manufacturers and suppliers on board.

“My philosophy is, keep evolving. So everything I’m doing I’m just trying to get it up to that next level.

“Adelaide is home, but I’m aiming high. Who wants to be the biggest fish in the smallest pond? Not me. I want to be in the ocean, swimming in the unknown.”

Discover Store’s work @kingsandratswithwings and lets us know if you’ve spotted his art around town in the comments, below.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Alex Majik

    04/08/2017 at 4:32 am

    It’s so exciting to see Store get the credit he deserves for his art.

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