Tasting Australia Festival Takes On Veggies

Every year, Tasting Australia showcases some of our best culinary talent and produce. This year, the festival is giving some love to the humble vegetable, including a number of events, chefs and food businesses with veggies at their core (so to speak).

Simon Bryant

In the leadup to the event, we speak to some of Adelaide’s chefs and food business owners involved in the festival, including festival director Simon Bryant, and Scott Rogasch and Justin Westhoff of vegan food truck Forage Supply Co. Listing vegetables as some of their favourite ingredients to eat and cook with, we
 ask them to share their love of the fruits of the earth and their involvement in Tasting Australia this year.

Forage Supply Co

“There needs to be dinners that vegos can go to as well,” festival director Simon Bryant says. He believes it’s important to shine a light on vegetarian and vegan fare, not only to support the growing vego and vegan communities, but to broaden our perception and love for our beautiful produce from the ground.

“The food system is not completely broken but it’s well on it’s way,” he says. “We’ve been living a bit of a dream. It’s kind of the last days of gluttony, greed, exploitation. There will be certain foods that you simply won’t be able to eat very soon. I think it’s important to be educated about what this [eating meat] is causing.”

Tasting Australia

While local meat, seafood and dairy still feature widely throughout the program (and are bountiful in our produce-driven state), this year sees a number of alternative veggie and vegan-focossed events or food options, too.

“There’s the Seed and Soil event with Jyoti, myself and the Paul West, and then head over to Town Square to see the Forage Supply boys,” Simon says. “Their food is more about his ethics, and the plant-based aspect second. It’s not bashing you over the head that you need to be vegan or vego.”

Tasting Australia

Scott and Justin will be serving up their famous jackfruit burger and vegan nachos at Town Square this year, hoping to give people a different take on plant-based food. “We’d love the public to come and try a vegan meal if they perhaps haven’t before,” Scott says. “We want to be able to educate people and show them whata difference it can make on the environment.”

Stay tuned soon for exclusive recipes from Simon, the Forage Supply boys and more, all in celebration of the humble veggies – available in the autumn edition of Fritz…in the meantime, head to these events:

Seed & Soil
A celebration of ethical, sustainably sourced produce from the earth, this anticipated Glasshouse dinner features Simon Bryant, as well as Andrea Tortora, (Italy’s Pastry Chef of the Year 2017), Paul West (River Cottage Australia) and Jyoti Bindu (local vego/vegan guru and owner of Pollen 185, King William Road).
18 April, 7pm to 10pm, Glasshouse Kitchen, Town Square, City. Tickets $195

Charred at Town Square
Bring your pals, your mother, your best friend, your boss – this one is for everyone. Settle into a spot in Town Square and take your pick of charred bites from the firepit, including plant-based goodies from Forage Supply Co. 
13 to 22 April. Victoria Square, City. Free entry.

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