The Adelaide 36ers Welcome US Star Recruits

Movers and Shakers Adelaide 36ers
Photos: Daniel Purvis

Both from ‘Philly’ (Philadelphia, US), basketballers Ramone Moore and Ronald Roberts were rivals on the court before they were friends and teammates. Recently drafted to the Adelaide 36ers for the season, it wasn’t until they moved to Adelaide in August that they connected the dots.

“Philly is so small, we probably only lived 15 minutes away from each other,” Ronald laughs. “We actually played against each other in college for two years, so we knew of each other a bit before we got to Australia, so that was pretty cool,” Ramone says. The duo are hot property on courts worldwide, boasting an impressive career portfolio between them. “I was in the States to begin with, then Canada, the Philippines, and Europe,” Ronald says. “I played in Turkey last season, too.”

The food is really fresh and convenient here – I’m really liking it.”

Ramone’s move to Adelaide follows a stint for Melbourne United last year. Before that, there was Italy, Israel, Hungary, Ukraine and even Lithuania. “I’ve been to a lot of different countries travelling and playing in different teams. I can’t name all those different places. I’ve got a lot of stamps in my passport.”

Movers and Shakers Adelaide 36ers

Adelaide drew them in this time. Both were excited to play for the 36ers and explore the city. “I wasn’t too familiar with the city of Adelaide but I was familiar with the team,” Ramone says. “Joey Wright is a good coach, so I’m pretty excited to work with him, and they have a lot of good guys on the team so I’m excited to play with them, too.”

“This is my first time in Australia,” Ronald says. “You have a lot of great Italian restaurants here in Adelaide, and the food is really fresh and convenient here – I’m really liking it.”

“A lot of people told me Adelaide was boring but I disagree.”

After only a few weeks, they’ve already ticked off Cream café and Brighton Jetty Bakery as some beachside highlights. “I saw that beach right there and that whole place was just so nice,” Ramone says.

They even opened the lid on the infamous Melbourne/Adelaide rivalry. “I heard that summer here is pretty hot, and I like that because Melbourne weather was terrible,” Ramone says. “A lot of people told me Adelaide was boring but I disagree. It may be smaller than Melbourne but I’ve only been here for three weeks and I’ve already been to a lot of places. I don’t think it’s boring at all.”

Movers and Shakers Adelaide 36ers

It’s not all coffee and doughnuts by the beach. The international sporting ladder was not always the easiest of roads to walk.

Last year, Ronald was in Turkey during terrorism incidents. “It was a rough experience,” he says.

“I dealt with a similar experience in Israel with some bombings,” Ramone says. “When I was in Ukraine, they had a war. Being away from family is hard, too. I have two daughters, so that’s the biggest challenge.”

However, their passion and gratitude burns bright. “I have friends back home who have never even been to a different city in the States at all,” Ramone says. “It’s a rarity where I’m from – not too many people have been to a lot of different countries just for basketball. It’s a blessing. I’ve made a lot of good friends from overseas – those relationships last. I’m just looking forward to what’s next… wherever it takes me!”

The NBL season begins early October and runs until March.

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