Adelaide’s Bling Queen Anne Wills Rates Our Dangly Bits [VIDEO]

Anne Wills Fritz

What happens when an Adelaide icon Anne Wills graces the Fritz office with her presence? Equal measures of judgement and crimes against fashion (on the part of the Fritz crew).

Anne ‘Willsy’ Wills is a woman of many talents, known in part for her impressive collection of sizeable ear adornments. So when she stopped by the Fritz office we got her to judge our dangly bits.

What ensued was a rollercoaster of emotions, quips and brightly coloured earrings. Oh and this throwaway quote from the queen herself: “I’ve had to try and convert mine to clips, because my holes cleared up… story of my life.”

Do yourself a favour and put your peepers on the video, below. You can also find Willsy in our autumn edition of Fritz magazine and discover her favourite South Australian places. 

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