Umbrella Winter Sounds Music Festival: Spoz’s Picks

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Devoted to local music? Chances are you’ve already met Spoz, the hairy gig-goer dedicated to documenting Adelaide’s live music scene. Spoz spends every weekend darting through beer-soaked crowds to get the best shot of musos in full flight. To the casual onlooker he looks a bit bonkers but this is pure dedication. On an average night Spoz snaps 1800 photos.

Over the past 10 years he has uploaded commentary, observations, pics and video to his comprehensive blog Spoz’s Rant.

“Spoz’s Rant started in October, 2002” he says. “Anyone who talks to me in real life knows that I ramble so when it started it was basically a verbal sketch pad. I hung around with a lot of musicians and during the formative years it leaned towards being a music blog.”

Over a decade he’s had just one weekend off (ask about the absinthe session at the Crown and Anchor with a Melbourne Mariachi, Mexican death metal band next time you see him). Does it get tiring? Yes. But fueled by beer and bags of enthusiasm, he makes it work. “I’ve done a couple of Laneway festivals year after year on no sleep. It’s like during the Fringe. You’re in ‘shark mode’. As long as you keep swimming you’re fine, the minute you stop you need to sleep for 12 hours.”

“Anyone who talks to me in real life knows that I ramble so when it started it was basically a verbal sketch pad.”

His devotion is mind boggling and his calendar overwhelming. Madness? Maybe. But for Spoz, the gig-going is a creative outlet and a chance to swap silly ideas with musos.

“I could just go and see bands every weekend but if I’m not creating something from it I feel like a bit of a freeloader.”

There’s logic to his approach in what he covers. “I pick the one gig that is different enough to the one I saw the week before that so over the entire year I cover as many bands as I want to represent on the blog. It’s fun to haphazardly map that out and in most cases I work it out on a Thursday night when I’m filling up the website’s gig guide.”

His photography style is erratic and was inspired by a photo from Nirvana’s album Bleach.

“There’s this ridiculous black and white photo of Kurt Cobain sprawled out spreadeagle on stage, musical instruments all over the place. It’s a ridiculous photo and I thought ‘that’s the kind of photo I want to get’. It captured the madness.” His weapon of choice? A Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100, a camera he bought thanks to a ‘Spozible’ crowdfunding campaign last year.

“I could just go and see bands every weekend but if I’m not creating something from it I feel like a bit of a freeloader.”

Spoz doesn’t plan to slow down any time soon. It’s a good thing, too because Umbrella Winter City Sounds is on the horizon. The music festival, held at venues across Adelaide’s CBD boasts over 300 live music events across more than 100 venues. It kicks off on 14 July and runs until 30 July. There’s a hell of a lot to wrap your ears around. From Sarah Blasko at Adelaide Town Hall to Monkey House (a car park punk party), and late-night headline act gigs, to a series of live performances on trams. Adelaide band Wolf & Cub also hit the stage for their first gig in Adelaide since 2013. It’s enough to give Spoz a calendar-induced meltdown. So many gigs, so little time.

To add to his stress levels (and save you the headache), we asked Spoz to choose his top Umbrella events. It was a hard task but he came up trumps. Make sure you’re in the crowd for these bobby-dazzlers.

Looking to go large this Umbrella Fest?

Fritz Magazine Umbrella Fest Picks

Auguste – Future Sounds

Future Sounds VII

If you’re looking to go large this Umbrella Fest, you definitely can’t go past Future Sounds VII happening at The Crown & Sceptre on Saturday July 15th, where you’ll get to feast on 26 of Adelaide’s finest live electronic acts, ping ponging between three stages, all for a measly $5 (with a free song sampler to boot). I especially recommend Auguste, Mio and Tim Whitt Sound, but really half the fun is the discovery.

15 July, Crown & Sceptre, $5/ticket

Fritz Magazine

Mió – Future Sounds

Wintersteady 2017

On Saturday 22 July between Crown & Anchor and The Exeter, for the finest in Adelaide psychedelia, shoegaze and all things 50-100+ guitar pedals singing as one. The obvious drawcard would be Wolf & Cub, but Sons Of Zoku, Little Dust, The Howling Hog and pretty much all of them are also well worth the trip. Go see all of them!

22 July, Crown & Anchor and The Exeter, $20/ticket.

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Timberwolf – Scouted


Sprawled over five stages is super-sized industry showcase event “Scouted”. Woah, there are seriously way too many ridiculously superlative acts to highlight here, but especially make time for Alana Jagt, Dyspora, Electric Fields, Nakatomi, Young Offenders and… stuff it, just see everyone. Trust me!

28 July, Adelaide East End, $20/ticket.

Fritz Magazine

Hideous Sun Demon

Monkey House

If you’re looking for something a little bit punk, a little bit rowdy, hit up Monkey House. If for no other reason than you get to tell people you got to see Goon Wizarrd in a car park. All those blank stares? Priceless! But also because of all the other bands. ALL the other bands. Tell Horror My Friend I said hi, that’ll weird them out!

29 July, Gunson Street Carpark, $20/ticket.

Fritz Magazine

Anya Anastasia

Looking for something cozy?

Fritz Magazine


Looking for something truly insane?

Fritz Magazine

Dark Matter

Dark Matter

If you’re looking for something truly batcrap eclectic I’ve heard disturbingly good things about Dark Matter at Glenside Z Ward. What kind of “things” exactly? Who knows. Buy a ticket, take the ride. You’ll certainly have a story (or twelve) to tell!

21 July, Glenside Z Ward, $20.

Featured Image: Spoz Spozington
Band Images: Supplied

What’s your favourite Adelaide band? Tells us in the comments, below.

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1 Comment

  1. Lisa

    12/07/2017 at 10:14 pm

    Too many good bands to have a favorite. But I’d start with all of the above. Great selection Spozer!

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