What It’s Like To… Do A TEDx Talk


Many of us have watched and potentially benefited from a TEDx talk – but what is it like to actually do one? Fritz spoke to Manal Younus, a spoken-word poet, public speaker and writer from Adelaide. She currently lives in Melbourne and spoke at TEDx Adelaide 2016 about how people of colour can best discover themselves.

“I didn’t even know how to apply…. turns out you just put in an expression of interest with a summary of what you want to talk about. Knowing what I wanted to talk about was fine, refining was more of a process – you want to leave people with one thing to take away. I didn’t learn my talk at all. I gave myself memory triggers and I just spoke. It was a good challenge to have absolutely no notes and say what I wanted to say. I actually messed it up a lot. There were a couple of pauses where I danced on stage and even had a laughing fit – it adds to the story.” says Manal.

TEDxAdelaide Manal

“It definitely makes you nervous, but it’s more the title of the event that makes you nervous I think. Other speaking events aren’t TEDx, and you’re not in the [Adelaide] Town Hall with 700 people. I think it was more of an internal experience for me – it was quite a definitive moment telling that story. Afterwards I thought, ‘I just stood up in front of 650 white people, spoke to the minorities in the room, and everyone still learnt from it’. Such a fantastic experience.”


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