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Winter Barbecue On The Sticks and Stones Outdoor Kadai Fire Pit

While the weather is wintery, a barbecue might not be the first thing that springs to mind. But if you’ve got the right tools on your deck, you could be tucking into the ultimate winter feast fit for Vikings (because winter has well and truly come folks).

With a firm belief that barbies aren’t just for summertime, local Adelaide outdoor experts Sticks + Stones Outdoor reckon’ their Kadai Indian fire pit is a top-notch winter companion. An open fire that you can transform into the ultimate barbie, the Kadai will keep you and your belly warm and happy on those chilly South Aussie evenings.

There’s nothing quite like rugging up on your deck with a bag of marshmallows and toasting away with your pals. Better yet, while you’re sorting the drinks inside, you can throw some meat and veg on the coals to get charred and juicy. Winter dinners made easy. When summer rolls around, it’s a great summer backyard barbie opportunity, too (but we’re not ready to let go of our winter woollies just yet).

Sticks & Stones

“Traditionally used for cooking at celebratory events in ancient Indian cities, we aim to modify the Kadai Indian fire pits for the modern Australian lifestyle while maintaining the same love of celebration,” Kate says. With an iron skillet set and iron tripod attachment, the fire pit is multi-functional for all sorts of coal cooking. When you’re done, you can simply remove the grill, pop some more coals and wood on the flame and transform your little grill into a mini backyard bonfire.

Who are Sticks + Stones Outdoor?

Sticks + Stones Outdoor know South Aussies love a barbecue, so they’re sourcing some of the best barbie and outdoor wears from artisans around the globe. Supporting local makers all over the world, including India and Vietnam, Kate and Hugh hand-pick everything in their Thebarton store (also sold online), so they know every unique groove and material used in their beautiful pieces.

Sticks & Stones

“All our products are sustainably and ethically sourced,” Kate says. “We will always endeavour to ensure there are no negative impacts to the local community and environment from which our products are sourced.”

Let’s get cookin’…

To help with some fire pit cooking inspiration, the lads from CARÕclub teamed up with Hugh and Kate to whip up a couple of recipes on this ripper barbecue-alternative.

Tim and Kyle are the brains behind CARÕclub, the popular Adelaide food truck opening after their time on Channel Seven’s My Kitchen Rules. Lovers of a good protein, the boys are experts in barbecued meats, the name of their business originating from the Latin word for meat – Caro. To add more talent to their culinary partnership, Tim and Kyle have enlisted the help of mate Kain Slotegraaf, who’s garnered a bit of experience on a few grills at some of South Australia’s best foodie haunts – Bread and Bone and Street ADL, and even the acclaimed Noma further afield.

Sticks & Stones

For these lads, it’s all about using the best, simple spice mixes and simple side dishes for tasty finger lickin’ meats. They say the Kadai fire pit is the ultimate barbecue buddy, perfectly charring your cuts of meat and giving it that deliciously smoky flavour. “We love cooking over coals,” Tim says.

To test out the Kadai fire pit, they whipped up some South American inspired Churrasco steak with a punchy salsa verde and a marinated jerk chicken dish with hearty grilled vegetables. To download, the recipes, click here.

Kadai fire pits are available in a variety of sizes from the mini pit that’s only 400mm wide, to their large which reaches almost 2 meters in diameter. For more details and for the full range of Sticks + Stones Outdoor products, hit the website.

Get Spring ready…

If you’re in need of a bit of Spring-spiration, get yourself to the Sticks + Stones Outdoor store in Thebarton for all sorts of warmer weather wares. They stock everything from outdoor furniture settings to beautiful pots and planters and even snazzy outdoor adjustable umbrellas to suit every pool-side or decking space.

Keep an eye out for a Spring clean blog to snaz-up your outdoor area, on the Fritz blog soon

Got a ripper winter barbie recipe? Let us know in the comments below…

Photos: Josh Geelen

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